We love slippers and so should you!

We know how much many men long to kick off their shoes, slip on their slippers and do nothing else but watch the TV of an evening upon returning home from a hard day’s work; but even if your idea of relaxation is to do a spot of reading, play on the X-Box or do some cooking for your lovely wife or partner, then you have to make sure that your feet are comfy at all time otherwise you may not be able to complete your mission!

So to help you along in this quest to find your perfect slippers, we have over 40 pairs for you to try on for size, fit and comfort.

For the colder months, we think you would love something like the “Hobos” fur-lined men’s slippers in brown. They are classic in design and will keep your feet warm through the colder months: you won’t be able to stop thinking about them until you get home and slip them on.

For the summer months, we suggest that you choose something similar to the navy “mule” slipper with check lining and collar. These are easy to get on and slip off and because they are a mule design: they will let your feet breathe in the hot summer months. We have many other colours and designs available in the “mule” slipper.

We do understand that every man is different; so of course, we have many other designs and styles for you to choose from including the “Homer Simpson” navy “mule” slipper. These are perfect for relaxing in whilst you watch an episode of the Simpsons after a hard day’s work.

To get a bigger picture of the types of slippers that we sell, you could always browse on-line before coming in store to make your final decision on that one perfect pair.

Women on the other hand we know, are quite likely to already have many pairs of slippers in the wardrobe; so of course, we are simply helping you add to your collection by bringing you a diverse and plentiful range of attractive yet comfortable slippers in a variety of textures and material types.

With the weather being a bit cold lately, we think that the “leopard print mule” slipper will be perfect. It will allow your foot to breathe but will keep you nice and warm with the attractive fur detailing.

To browse our full selection of “mule” style slippers and others such as the “velour embroidered” full slipper in black, the “Bootie” style slipper and much more; such as makes like: “Padders”, you may prefer to also take a peek in our “slipper” section which comes under the “women” tab on our site. This way, you will be able to see just how reasonable our prices really are and with offers on most of the year through, you may even be able to buy more than one pair….how exciting!

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