Wedding Season

Shop Womens Occasion ShoesHey everyone!

I recently received my first wedding invitation for the year – it’s happening, wedding season is upon us again! I think it’s fair to say that dress hunting for a wedding is stressful enough and that’s without considering the shoes, the bag, the jewellery, the make up! (Have I missed anything?!) But fear not, Shoe Zone have a huge range of wedding worthy footwear to finish off your outfit!

There are so many beautiful satin peep-toe shoes in a range of styles that will suit any outfit. Each pair is decorated with either corsages, bows or jewels so there is plenty to choose from. Whatever colour your dress is, you are bound to find a Shoe Zone pair that will match perfectly! From champagne gold to deep purple, Shoe Zone have them all! The midi heel is great for dancing around, especially near the end of the night when the champagne has run out and your embarrassing uncle is swinging you around the dance floor! The collection starts from only £9.99 too! Good luck picking a pair!

See you next week! Sheena x

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