Click here to view this productWe received an awesome pair of boys space theme wellies to review, these really got Harvey’s imagination going with the alien and space ship pictures and as we set off for the woods/beach Harvey was already pretending to be a space man!

The wellies were really easy to get on and off (even after being accidentally filled with water, from too much splashing in big puddles!) and they did their job keeping Harvey’s feet dry and sand free on the beach. They also kept his feet nice and dry in the woods too (until the big puddle) an extra pair of socks was required as it was a freezing cold day but Harvey found the boots easy to walk, run and jump in, so not too restrictive.

I found it really easy to clean the mud off them, I simply rinsed them under a tap and when we got them home I put them in the washing machine (taking the insoles out for a hand wash) on a cool wash as they were filled with mud, and I left them to dry by the radiator and there were as good as new. We have used them several times since, including at the muddy stables.

Overall they are a good pair of wellies that are great value for money at just £6.99 – I would recommend these to anyone!

By Kerry

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