Winter shoes – here’s our wish list

Let’s face it we all have a wish list, things that we really want but have to put on hold for some reason or another. These things could be long term goals such as a new car or a trip of a life time to somewhere exotic and beautiful, or they could be something that you are able to achieve in the near future, such as a lovely new range of shoes for you and the rest of your family that will last you through the upcoming winter months.

You may be thinking that one pair of shoes costs enough these days never mind a whole selection! This is where you need to adjust your thinking pattern to a more positive one, because by shopping at Shoe Zone you could achieve your shoe wish list sooner than you think.

To help you realise which shoes should be taking pride of place on your winter wish list we have compiled one of our very own, so no excuses; get making that list:

1. Lilley and Skinner Women’s Ankle Boot in Light Brown – edgy, stylish and versatile these boots will go with everything from short skirts and tights to skinny jeans.

2. Walkright Girls Flower Strap Calf Boot in Black – keep your little one and her feet happy at school this winter by purchasing a pair of these cute black boots. She can even wear them at the weekend if she wishes!

3. Lilley Women’s Fur Trim Wedge Boot in Black – perfect for days where you are required to dress up but not appear to smart. Giving you the just amount of height these boots would be the perfect footwear for dates out with your partner or for a ladies lunch.

4. Chestnut Toggle Women’s Boot with Faux Fur Lining – when the cold weather descends wrap up your feet in these lovely winter warmers and even add a thick pair of socks to the mix.

5. Boys Pirate Design Wellington Boot in Blue – encourage your little boy to be a big brave pirate this winter with these animated wellies. You won’t be able to drag him away from those muddy puddles any time soon.

6. Hobos Warm Lined Women’s Pull-On Boot in Red – exclusively for the snow, step out in confidence and get sledging and building snowmen and don’t give your feet a second thought.

7. George Oliver Men’s Leather Ankle Boot in Black – something for your partner or husband to keep him looking smart whilst he works through the wet, wind and rain. This Cuban ankle boot with vamp detail will look beautiful when teamed with a pair of suit trousers and even a pair of smart straight leg jeans for those dress down days.

8. Lilley Women’s Chelsea Ankle Boot in Black – if you want to look demur but remain comfortable why not put these beauties on the top of your wish list this year? They are classy, highly fashionable and can be worn with anything from jeans and work trousers to short or long casual dresses and skirts.

Although you may want to put all of these pairs of shoes on to your wish list we think that you won’t need to, or if you do, they certainly won’t be there for long because our prices are incredibly affordable therefore making a realistic and achievable goal for you to aim towards.

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