Women’s floral cleated lace ankle boots review

Click here to view this productMy latest pair of shoes from Shoe Zone are a pair of ankle boots for me. I received a pair of patent flower print lace up boots, perfect for the autumn. The boots are similar in design to DM’s, but are a just a fraction of the price at £19.99. 

The flower print pattern is in subtle shades of blue, green and red on a patent, white background. The contrasting black laces thread into five holes and three hooks up the front of the boot, and contrasting black stitching adds detail. A heavy, cleated sole provides good grip, especially important at this time of year when pavements are getting a bit slippery! The materials used are all synthetic making these shoes suitable for those who avoid materials derived from animals.

I think these boots are really well designed and well made. The pretty pattern contrasts brilliantly with the utilitarian style boot shape adding a real feminine touch. They will be my ankle boot of choice this autumn. They are perfect with jeans adding a splash of colour and glamour to your feet, whilst remaining practical for the weather.

By Wendy

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