Women’s nude patent wedge review


I don’t think I’ve ever put on a pair of new shoes for the first time and not felt any niggles or discomfort until they’d worn in a little, but these were another story – and heels too! Not a large heel, but enough to make me feel like I was dressing up, and more than I’d normally wear these days, being eight months’ pregnant.

So comfy I managed to dance away at a recent BBQ party till 2am, and the wedge meant no sinking in the grass. They look really chic, and I got asked twice if they were from LK Bennett, and someone even commented ‘Very Kate Middleton!’

I love them. They look great with either jeans or dresses, and the neutral tone goes with so many outfits. They clean easily with a baby wipe too (the essential tool in every mum’s kit!). I’m really impressed with the comfort and style. Another Shoe Zone win.

By Lucy

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