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The Great Big
Shoe Personality Quiz

What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Let's Find Out

What's Your Shoe Personality?

The shoes you choose to wear can say a lot about a person, do you know what your footwear gives away about you?

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and we'll use your answers to guess your shoe personality! You might be surprised at how much we can deduce from your footwear choice.


Let's Get Started...

What gender are you?

Question 1

A Day Off

You've got a day booked off work. What do you do for a bit of fun?

Plan a trip

Go with the flow

Visit a Museum


Visit family


Pamper Myself

Question 2

Your Outfit

What's the most important thing you consider when choosing an outfit?

How much I like it

Is it smart?

Will I stand out?

Do I feel creative?

Is it subtle?

Is it comfy?

How great it looks

Question 3


I'd describe myself as the sort of person who...

Thrives in the company of others

Doesn't depend on anyone but myself

Is happiest when I'm helping someone

Demands a lot of myself, and my appearance

Doesn't get too emotional

Likes to do a job thoroughly

Is hungry for knowledge

Question 4


How long dare you dunk your biscuit?

Biscuit Colour Shape Biscuit Colour Shape Arm
keep Calm Mug

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Question 5


Which of these places would you choose to live?

By the seaside

The flashiest area I can afford

A busy city

A remote village

Close to my loved ones

In a cultural town

Close to work

Question 6


Which of these makes you the happiest?

Doing something exceptionally well

Making a good impression

Being around others

Co-operating with others

Doing whatever I choose

Creating something

Enjoying the present moment

Question 7


How would you describe your personal style?




Planned & perfected

Neat & smart

Bright & colourful


Question 8


What's your favourite colour? Pick a lace...


Question 9


Which of these statements do you most agree with?

I don't need to be perfect

I am happy without close relationships

I have a lot to say

I don't shirk my duties

I have a great imagination

I make people feel at ease

I can't get as close to others as I'd like

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