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Boys' Shoe Care

Here at Shoe Zone, one of our aims is to help you to keep your little man's shoes looking as good as the day you bought them, for as little expense as possible. We understand that it is more efficient for you to give his current shoes a quick makeover rather than buying a new pair every time they get bashed or knocked during play or general wear!

Here at Shoe Zone we have a great selection of Shoe Care accessories in stock that consist of:

  • Black scuff cover

  • Brown laces

  • Black laces

  • Double shoe brush set

  • Suede brush

  • Nude shoe shine sponge

Of course, it is great having all of the things you need in order to bring his shoes back to life but have you ever considered protecting them from the minute they are purchased? By using our protector spray on any of our shoes here at Shoe Zone, you are already helping to protect against and prevent such things as: scuffs, discoloration due to weather conditions and general damage to the material through every day wear and tear.

When you buy a pair of shoes from us you expect them to last; so why not ensure that they do by giving them the love and attention they deserve?