Boys’ Shoes

A great deal is expected of the average pair of boys’ shoes. Little boys infamously spend their time running from place to place, bumping into things and, of course, belting footballs (or anything that looks like it might substitute for a football) into adjoining gardens. Add to that the demands of school and the fact that the shoes need to look good enough for him to wear them and we’ve a considerable challenge. Our range of boys’ shoes is able to meet that challenge head-on. They’re designed for a range of situations and activities. Our slip-on black loafers will allow him to get to school each morning with a minimum of fuss. If you’re looking for a set of boys’ casual shoes, on the other hand, why not take a look at our canvas shoes, decorated in tribute to popular franchises like Paw Patrol. Touch-fasten straps are perfect for little boys who’ve yet to master laces, while lace-up boys’ black shoes are perfect for those who have! Whichever sort of boys’ shoes you think would be perfect for the little man in your house, you’ll find affordable, comfy and stylish examples in this section. Take a look!

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