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Shop Girl's Brands

If you’re shopping for a little girl, then be sure to check out the girl’s shoe brands we have in stock. Like the rest of our kid’s name brand shoes, our shoes built especially for girls are guaranteed to please. Walkright, for example, are much loved by kids for their comfort and style. They offer shoes to fit a range of occasions and weather conditions, including sandals for those summer beach holidays and more formal shoes for when the time comes to return to school. Hush Puppies are another of our most popular girl’s footwear brands. Their Basset Hound mascot, Jason, is recognised throughout the world. The brand has been in business for more than fifty years, and their name is synonymous with comfort, style and durability, making them an ideal match for school. Of course, we’ve also got shoes bearing popular Disney logos and characters, such as those from the all-conquering Disney Frozen. If you know a little girl with a passion for one Disney character or other, then why not allow her to display her tastes with her footwear?

That’s just the start, we’ve a range of other girl’s shoe brands on offer – so be sure to look through and see what’s available.

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