Girls’ Flat Shoes

A pair of girl’s flat shoes are just the thing for girls who’re on their feet all day. Whether it’s a day spent trudging from classroom to classroom, or one spent running up and down a sunlit beach, your girl’s feet will need to be protected in a way that’s affordable and practical. In this selection of flat shoes for girls, you’ll find designs to match a wide variety of tastes. For school, we’ve got a range of reserved girl’s black flats that’ll match up with any school uniform. Some of them come with loops, bows and other embellishment, while others are more austere. If you’re looking for something showier and more fun, then you might consider our selection of coloured girls ballerina shoes from Lilley and Walkright. For a younger girl, our range of brightly-coloured sequinned canvas shoes will provide something that’s comfy, fun, and affordable, too. For activities and sports, however, there are slip-on casual shoes and plimsols which offer maximum support and comfort.

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