Boys Wellies

Boys Wellies

When you have children, it is essential that you are prepared for every eventuality. Rain, unfortunately is one eventuality that you would expect pretty often in this country but after the long summer months, we know that you are not always prepared for the weather change and it can catch you out. The next thing you know is that you are searching frantically on-line in a bid to find some cheap, yet cheerful wellies that can be delivered quickly to your door!

Here at Shoe Zone, we provide you with a fantastic selection of boy’s wellies that are both attractive and comfortable for those developing feet. Why not let your son pick his own wellies this year; after all we have an impressive and varied range for all ages.
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Puddle Splashing Wellies

Does your son live among aliens on an undiscovered planet? Does he sail the rough seas with pirates or does he spend hours designing his own special robots?

No matter what your little one's favourite interest, you can rest assured that we do our utmost to provide you with a selection of wellies that match his make-believe world. As well as our wellies being intricately designed with some appropriate patterns and pictures, they are both colourful and hard-wearing; ensuring that you really are getting the best of everything for a fraction of the cost.

If your son has gone past his pirate, alien and robot phase and prefers to wear grown up footwear that will match with most items in his wardrobe, why not introduce him to our great range of plain coloured wellies where he can choose between the colours of green or black?

Not only are wellies handy for the usual heavy snow and constant rain that we experience here in the UK, but they are also great for activities such as:

  • Car washing with mum and dad

  • Paddling in lakes and streams when out and about or on holiday

  • Protecting his legs form brambles and nettles if walking through undergrowth during the summer months

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