Keep your Feet Safe with Safety Boots

Safety boots have to be tough, rugged and ready for action. Shoe Zone stocks cheap safety boots made from durable materials for workers who cannot afford to take risks. With leather uppers, cleated soles and EN ISO 20345-1 2004/A1 2007 rated steel toecaps, these safety boots represent amazing quality at an excellent price.

When working all day on a busy site, comfort is a major priority. Pain in the foot or ankle means work slows down, while slipping and sliding is a serious health and safety risk. Carrying heavy materials could lead to a risk of dropping tools or equipment where they could do most damage. Safety boots are not only a vital part of the work uniform, they are frequently a legal requirement.

Keeping boots in good condition may seem like a drag after a hard day at work, but ultimately they will last a lot longer. Make sure they are cleaned regularly and polished occasionally to keep them waterproof. Check that the soles of your boots are in good condition and remove any debris, stones or nails from them in order to keep them working efficiently. Regularly check the laces and eyelets too; they may have become frayed or damaged; if they are, replace them immediately.

A good pair of safety boots could save you the agony of a broken toe and three months off work. Remember safety should never be compromised; boots can be replaced, feet or toes cannot.