Looking After Your Safety Boots

Shoe Zone's selection of affordable safety boots are designed to protect your feet at all times, and comply with international safety regulations. Whether you are working offshore or doing heavy construction work, wearing the right footwear is absolutely essential.

With prices ranging between £19.99 and £24.99 for both leather and synthetic safety footwear, Shoe Zone offers fantastic value for money. Both the men's leather ankle safety boot and the women's version come complete with steel toecaps and cleated oil resistant soles for additional protection. 'Rigger' boots for both sexes also feature the steel toecap and oil resistant sole. The name 'rigger' comes from the boot's original use on oil and gas rigs, but these boots are now used to offer protection for any heavy labour.

Uncertain terrain can often be a problem, but the Shoe Zone leather ankle boot - which protects against both excessive moisture and dangerous chemicals - is manufactured with an anti-slip sole with cleats; this is ideal for working in rugged and dangerous areas. The cost of this boot is an affordable £24.99. Sizes in all the men's ranges go up to size 13, whereas the women's choices extend to a size 9.

All leather boots should be cared for by cleaning regularly with any of the available commercial cleaners and polishes. Boots made from 'nubuck' should be sprayed with a protecting compound every six months or so and only cleaned with special 'nubuck' cleaning materials. Special degreasers are also available for 'nubuck' footwear.