Men's Slippers

Kicking off work shoes after a long day and placing tired feet into a comfortable pair of slippers is one of life's simplest, and yet most enjoyable pleasures. Why not give aching feet a treat by choosing the right pair of slippers?

Men's slippers come in all sorts of styles, ranging from slip-ons, to novelty styles through to traditional models, moccasin and boot-styles. Materials for slippers range from leather, suede, imitation leather, sheepskin, plaid and many other materials. The vast array of men's slippers on offer means that feet should never feel cold or unloved again.

Slippers are actually worn a lot of the time, virtually the whole time spent inside the house. So, it makes sense that they should be comfortable and stylish.

Other things to consider when choosing a slipper include warmth, practicality, and grip. Will these slippers be warm? Many men's slippers have soft, furry linings that keep toes and feet toasty warm. Avoid slippers with thin soles that cold will penetrate and that offer little or no arch support. Will these slippers be practical? Are they easy to put on and take off quickly? Choose slippers that have a gripping sole. Some households have slippery floor surfaces like laminate flooring and tiles, so ensure that slippers have a suitable sole for moving about the house and up and down stairs safely.

Mule slip-on styles, whilst easy to kick on and off, are sometimes not the most practical if a person is particularly active. Moccasin or shoe-style slippers with Velcro straps that are firmly secured in place suit those more active indoor people.