Safety Footwear To Suit All Budgets

Shoe Zone stock a comprehensive range of safety footwear for all working conditions and to suit all budgets. Everything from tough, no-nonsense rigger boots to ankle protecting ground worker boots, the whole range is made from quality durable materials and many meet EN ISO 20345-1 2004/A1 2007 safety regulations.

The last thing anyone needs when hard at work is for their footwear to let them down. Wearing the right safety footwear for the job is as important as choosing the right tools for the job. It is important to know that your feet are comfortable, protected and dry.

Safety is the priority. If you were to be in a situation where there might be a danger of heavy items being dropped or falling masonry a pair of boots with steel toecaps would be essential. If working in damp or muddy conditions, a high leg leather rigger boot would be appropriate. Think carefully about the type of working conditions the safety footwear will be exposed to. Also, be sure they are cleaned regularly to keep them in good working condition.

Comfort is vital, so you should ensure the footwear fits securely, without any tightness, but is not too loose. Boots can often become stuck in mud, so make sure they do not stay there by getting them fitted properly. Check laces and eyelets regularly for fraying or damage and if there are any signs of wear and tear, replace them. Finally, always be sure to remove mud from leather boots to help prevent the stitching from rotting.

Safety footwear is not something that should be compromised, at any cost.