Shoe Care Tips

Looking after your new shoes will ensure they last and look better for longer. A few simple steps are all it takes to keep you and your shoes happy. The type of care depends on the sort of shoe and the material from which it is constructed.

Synthetic Shoes and Boots

Many shoes and boots these days are made from high quality synthetic materials. These should be treated with as much care as traditional leathers and suedes. Wipe them clean with a damp cloth and do not allow damp shoes to dry out next to a direct source of heat.

Leather Shoes and Boots

Leather or hide is skin, just like our own, and as such it requires hydrating and looking after. Leather footwear, such as women's boots should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Follow this with an application of leather cleaner/conditioner with a soft rag and allow to dry. Buff leather products with a wax polish to achieve a shine; choose a colourless polish or one that matches the leather's shade.

Suede Care

More fragile than leather, suede is a more high-maintenance material. Never use wax polish on suede, purchase a suede-cleaning product for stubborn stains. Soft suede-brushes are available which help remove surface dirt whilst leaving the velvety surface of the suede undamaged.

Cleaning Patent Leather

Nothing beats a pair of gleaming patent leather shoes or boots. When they have lost their gloss and have picked up some scuff marks just buff lightly with a soft cloth and a small amount of petroleum jelly, and they will be shiny once again.

Cleaning Training Shoes

If they are really filthy and smelly and you have tried all other options, some trainers and canvas shoes can be cleaned in the washing machine. Place them in a pillowcase to protect the drum of the washing machine, select a delicate cycle and add your usual detergent.

Shoe cleaning products can be sourced online or purchased from shoe shops.