Work Boots

For those people who spend all day on their feet in physical work, solid and comfortable work boots are an essential piece of their everyday kit.

A greater awareness of health and safety issues means that work boots are worn to adhere to workplace rulings relating to safety. Fortunately, this has resulted in a far greater choice of work boots now on the market.

Work boots should be chosen depending on the type of work that is going to be performed in them. Heavy industrial occupations where protection is required from intense heat, chemicals or heavy loads demand work boots offering optimum strength and durability.

For lighter industrial applications such as warehouse work or cleaning operatives, work boots should provide protection from compression (steel toe caps) and water where necessary. For those working in muddy, uneven or slippery terrain, the grip and sole of the work boot should offer the correct amount of protection.

There is now more than one work boot style available to those seeking comfort, safety and a little individuality at work. Work boots for both men and women come in ankle, calf-length and trainer style designs, all with durable support and many featuring steel toe caps for the ultimate in foot protection. Crossover styles which look good in both the boardroom and building sites are more commonly found. Women's work boots are now widely available with sizes scaled down accordingly and colours and styles offered in more feminine choices.

With the development of lighter, more breathable materials, work boots need not be heavy and cumbersome anymore but can be surprisingly stylish, in addition to being safe and comfortable.