Shoe Polish, Cleaner and Protection Sprays

In order for leather to retain its lustre, an occasional spot of shoe care is called for. In the case of leather shoes, which absorb all of the dust, dirt and grime you’ll find on the average floor, this is especially so. For this reason, we recommend pairing our high-quality leather shoes with some of our high-quality shoe polish. With a little bit of buffing, you’ll get that all-important shine, and protection against unsightly stains, too. For best results, you’ll want to match your choice of polish as closely as possible with the shoe you’re applying it to. Black shoes, naturally, call for black shoe polish, but we’ve polishes and creams in a wide range of colours, along with the sponges and brushes necessary to apply them. We even stock special aerosol deodorants that’ll help your shoes smell as good as they look – perfect for gym shoes! If you’re serious about keeping your shoes in optimal condition, then be sure to examine the different sorts of shoe polish we have to offer. With their help, you’ll get maximum mileage from your shoes, and you’ll ensure that they look the part all the way!