Everything You Need To Know About Court Shoes

Everything You Need To Know About Courts

Court shoes are sometimes seen as the hardest pair of shoes to style, or wear. In reality, when you get confident with your court shoes, you’ll be able to pair them with most items in your wardrobe. Although court shoes are a versatile ladies shoe style, if you haven’t worn court shoes before some guidance and advice will help you embrace and love this type of shoe.

What Are Court Shoes?

Court Shoes What Are they

Court shoes were first worn in the royal courts many years ago, and this is where the modern name stems from. They were made for rich people and royalty, and later became a popular style across Britain that endures to this day. When you step in to some court shoes, you’re popping your feet into a little bit of history! In America, this style of shoe is commonly called a ‘Pump’. In the UK however, the same name applies to a flat shoe.

Court shoes are usually around kitten heel size and upwards, so they typically have a small to medium heel height. The size of the heel can vary, from chunky to the slim, this depends on the style of the court shoe.  There are many benefits of wearing heels, they can make the wearer seem taller, their legs seem longer and feet seem shorter. They also help petite ladies reach things off shelves, and make sure their feet touch the ground when sitting. They also help with muscle toning, so there are many reasons to choose a heeled court shoe.

Although we’re focusing on the ladies heeled court shoe, you might also hear of indoor court shoes which are usually used for sports such as Volleyball, Tennis and Squash. These shoes are otherwise known as trainers, but are sometimes called court shoes because they are worn on a court when playing a certain sport.

Court Shoes: Fit & Comfort

Court Shoes Comfort and Fit

If heeled court shoes slip off your feet, you should consider going down a size, or looking at a slightly different style that suits the shape of your feet. For example, round toes might fit your feet better than pointed toes, or vice versa. Everybody’s feet are different so you’ll need to find the right choice for you.

However, if you have a great pair that are slightly too big there are various ways to help them fit. Trying putting some cotton wool into the bottom of the shoe, this should create a small amount of padding and push your feet back a little to help your feet fit a little better. Alternatively, try a gel pad, insole or heel grip to get the fit just right.

The trick to walking well in court shoes is to practice. Walk like you would normally in flat shoes, at first it will feel a little strange and you’ll have to walk a little slower than normal but after a while it’ll feel like second nature.

Court shoes may start to feel uncomfortable after a full day of walking in them. Although, if court shoes hurt when you first try them on, they will only get worse. Opt for the pair that feel comfortable in the shop but don’t expect them to feel as comfortable as they were in the shop when you’ve had them on all day, as most people’s feet swell throughout the day.

There are certain court shoes for both narrow and wide feet, if you select the right one for your feet, it’ll provide a little bit more of comfort.

Choosing Court Shoes

Choosing Court Shoes

If you’re wearing court shoes all day for work, you might want to go for a pair with a lower heel or strap. You may also want to opt for modest, simple, plain colours.

A profession almost always seen in smart court shoes are air hostesses. Cabin crew court shoes should have a thicker, or shorter heel. This should provide a little bit more stability and balance. For comfort and durability, most pairs of cabin court shoes are made of leather.

Court shoes are also a great choice for smart occasions like parties or weddings. Court shoes for weddings should be a little more glamorous with detailed styles. The heel might be little higher, and the colours may be a little bolder or brighter.

Wearing Court Shoes: Your Style Guide

Styling Court Shoes

Court shoes are worn, and can be worn with most items of clothing, jeans, skirts, dresses, trousers, suits and tights. If your shoes have either laces or buckles, they should be easier to walk in and also be easier to keep the shoes on your feet, without your heels slipping out.

How to wear court shoes mostly relies on the occasion on where you’re going to wear them. If you’re looking for court shoes to wear to the office, stick to simple colours like black, white, navy blue and grey. These colours are the easiest to wear, especially to the office, or for a formal evening. If you’re a pro at wearing court shoes, you could go for pointed toe, although, if you’re only starting out, stick to the curved front shoes.

Court Shoes For Work

For casual spring street wear, go bold with yellow, pink, red or floral court shoes. Bold colours are easy to pair with most outfits. If you feel as if your shoes don’t fit with your outfit, try adding a belt or bag in the same colour as your shoes.

Very high court shoes are perfect for nights out or cocktails with the girls. They’ll make your legs look miles long and go great with a simple dress. Pairing skinny jeans with court shoes is one of the easiest ways to wear them. Nude heels will go with all pairs of jeans, and make you look taller than usual while they’re at it.

High Court Shoes

When you’re comfortable with your court shoes, it’ll be considerably easier to add bold coloured shoes in to your wardrobe. Bold colours are easy to wear, as long as you feel comfortable and confident wearing them. You could make the majority of your outfit simple, with softer colours and then liven it up with a bright pair of pink, or gold court shoes.

Red, cream and nude court shoes are easy to pair with most styles and colours of jeans in your closet. You might want to roll them up a few times to show off the shoe, and your ankles. Then slip on your court shoes and there you have it, a simple stylish daytime look. Add a bold blazer, and/or bold lip and make it into a night time look.

Types Of Courts

There are lots of different styles and colours of court shoes, you’re guaranteed to find a pair that suits your style and your personality. Don’t be afraid to go bold with these and select a pair that make you feel great!


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