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Choosing Boy’s Shoes Throughout The Seasons

Choosing Boy’s Shoes For The Seasons

When choosing shoes, one of the main deciding factors is usually the time of year and most notably, the weather.

Making the right decision can be a tough task, especially when you need something durable and rugged. What type of sole would be better? How do I size boys winter boots? Is this type of shoe appropriate? There are many questions you might ask yourself.

There are many things you need to take into consideration when buying summer shoes, and the same applies when buying footwear for winter too. Whether you’re looking to buy some occasional shoes or comfy shoes to bounce around the park in, we’re certain our seasonal shoe guide will help you make the right decision.

Boys Shoes For Summer

Boys Shoes For Summer

As summer comes around, it’s crucial that they're footwear is suitable for the hot weather. Here we’re going to take a look at the different types of summer footwear available for boys and what to look out for when shopping.

Boy's Sandals


Sandals can be real hit and miss for children. When buying sandals, it’s important to size correctly to avoid things such as tripping and potential injury due to their open toe nature. A sandal that is too big will cause your boy to walk incorrectly and the excess space at the toe can catch on the ground when walking. As they’re still a little unsteady on their feet, poor fitting sandals are particularly difficult for smaller children who have just learned to walk.

Choosing a pair of well fitted sandals with a good, adjustable ankle strap (preferably easy fastening), a robust sole and good instep will ensure maximum support as well as protection against debris and injury.

Boy's Canvas Shoes

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are a great addition to any summer wardrobe. Lightweight, durable and most of all… endless amounts of funky designs to choose from. There are however a few things to consider when buying boys canvas shoes. The first consideration is that they’re not waterproof, so they’re definitely best reserved for warmer, dry days.

If your boys canvas shoes were to get wet, always take them off as soon as you can to prevent bacteria growth and sores. Always leave them to fully dry out before wearing again.

Next, consider the type of fastening and what would be most suitable for your little lad. The best option for a secure fit would be lace up canvas shoes, however these may not be the most suitable for younger boys who haven’t learned to tie laces yet. The best option in this case would be canvas shoes with adjustable easy fastenings.

Boy's Slip On Shoes

Slip On Shoes

Possibly the easiest summer shoes for your boy to wear would be slip ons. Straightforward and fail safe, they make a simple alternative to lace ups and are perfect for nursery or school as they can be taken off and put back on without any fuss. There are however a few downsides to this. Because slip on shoes are generally elasticated around the cuff to allow for movement, though useful for getting the shoe on and off, it does mean that there is no way to secure the shoe like you can with laces or easy fastening. Therefore it’s important to make sure the fit is perfect to avoid any sores or blisters forming.

If slip on shoes don’t fit correctly they can also become a trip hazard. If they’re too big, they’re likely to move away from the heel when your boy is walking/running.Check out our boys fitting guide to make sure you’re getting the fit just right if you opt for slip on shoes.

Boy's Trainers


When it comes to trainers, there are a huge variety of styles and some are more suited to a particular time of the year than others. A style that is popular with all ages right now is the lightweight lace up trainer. Due to their mesh fabric upper, they aren’t suitable footwear on wet days and are much more suited to warmer, drier weather. Though not strictly trainers, easy fastening sports sandals make a comfortable and equally light alternative during the summer months too.

There are however some boys trainers which are better suited to wetter weather. Football style trainers have a sturdy upper and a tough rubber sole for added grip, making them a more substantial pair of trainers when the great British weather decides to change its mind.

Of course we can’t forget character trainers, a firm favourite with kids', going on an adventure on a sunny day is always more fun when your favourite cartoon character is right there with you, enjoying every second too.

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Boys Shoes For Winter

Boys Shoes For Winter

There’s one essential thing that’s definitely needed while your boy enjoys the winter weather. A nice solid pair of rugged boots or wellies to keep his feet toasty and dry.

Boy's Boots


When buying kids winter boots, there are a few things that are important to remember. Firstly, snow and ice can be a real danger when walking so it’s crucial to make sure any boots bought for your boy have a durable and sturdy sole with a good tread for maximum traction. On top of this, make sure they’re weatherproof. After all, kids with cold, wet feet aren’t going to be happy kids! Boys snow boots are ideal for dealing with adverse weather conditions, particularly those with a neoprene upper for maximum waterproofing.

It’s always advised that your little one wears woollen socks when out and about in winter boots for any length of time. Due to the natural moisture wicking properties of wool, it will help prevent sweating and ultimately wet feet. It will also make your boys boots extra comfy ready for them to take on the world.

Boy's Wellies


Wellies will always be a wardrobe staple for any little boy. Whatever the weather, they’re the go to footwear. With funky designs and the funny, clunky noise they make when you walk… What’s not to love?!

Generally made from vulcanised rubber or PVC and wellies are non-porous making them perfect for keeping winter weather out and fully waterproof. If jumping in puddles is your little man's favourite pass time, a good pair of wellington boots can certainly save the day.

A good pair of boys wellies will be sturdy, with a solid sole and good tread for added traction. Try and avoid sizing up when it comes to buying wellies for your little one. It’s tempting to buy a bigger size to get more wear of them, however this isn’t necessary and could pose a problem, especially in younger boys who can trip over easily.

To Conclude


Whatever the weather, or whatever they do and however they choose to do it, having the best possible hardwearing footwear for the job will always set them off on the right track.

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