Popular Shoes For Teenage Guys And Older Boys

Popular Shoes For Teenage Guys And Older Boys

As your boy gets older and moves into his early teenage years, it’s most likely that he’ll start to develop his own sense of style. There are lots of different styles and types of older boys shoes to choose from, it could be that skater shoes are all the rage, or it might be that there’s nothing cooler than wearing hipster brogues.

As boys get older, it’s inevitable that their feet grow at what can seem like an unstoppable rate at times, because of that it’s a possibility that they’ll quickly grow out of children's sizes and need to try adult sizes instead.

Moving into men's shoes can be an awkward transition to make, as fitting and sizes aren’t always consistent with children's or youth sizes depending on the style. In this case, we would advise getting your teens feet measured so a fully informed decision can be made about what type of footwear is required as he grows. Usually, the transition is made when your boy reaches a size 6-7 as this is the limit for most youth styles.

Going into adult sizes can seem like a scary prospect as it confirms that your little boy isn’t so little any more, but whatever trends your young man decides to follow, it’s likely they’ll have to be comfy, durable and make a real style statement. That’s why we’re going to take a look at what's available for teenagers and older boys plus what’s popular today.

What Shoes Do Older Boys And Teenage Guys Wear?

What Shoes Do Older Boys And Teenage Guys Wear?

There are a number of factors that influence the type of shoes teenage boys go for, often it comes down to self expression and wanting to make a style statement. As boys get older, many will experiment with different trends, so it’s certainly not unusual to find they like something one week and something different the next!

When older boys reach the age of around 10-11, they’re likely to start taking a more focused interest in popular culture and trends, and will most probably have favourite bands or TV programs that will influence their fashion choices. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for them to want to dress a certain way to fit in with what they like. Styles that replicate their idols will allow them to build the foundations of their own identity as they become more independent.

Comfort plays a big part in the style of shoes chosen by older boys, if a style isn’t comfy, durable and hard wearing, it’s likely they’re not going to wear them for very long. A shoe with a hard wearing sole, a supportive instep and most of all, a sleek design will always be a winner.

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Popular Styles For Older Boys And Teens

Popular Styles For Older Boys And Teens

The varsity look is bang on trend for 2017. Snapback caps teamed with skinny jeans and baseball boots are a serious style favourite amongst older boys and teenagers at the moment. The ultra cool hipster vibe with rolled up jeans, baggy jumpers and stylish leather brogues or loafers emulates many popular artists at the moment too, leading the way in creative and laid back style.

Other notable styles of footwear for teenages include:

Boy's Trainers


Possibly the most popular choice for older boys, trainers are available in a variety of different styles. As well as styles such as skater shoes or canvas pumps, boys trainers that replicate the look of football boots are also a firm favourite. Often available in a multitude of different designs and vibrant colours, helping your not so little boy stand out from the crowd.

Boy's Casual Shoes

Casual Shoes

As boys develop their tastes, it becomes clear what type of footwear is most favoured by them. What they choose to wear on a day to day basis will likely be what they feel most comfortable in as well as what expresses their own personal sense of style. Footwear that is easy to wear like slip on canvas shoes and loafers are always a firm favourite. Flip flops are also a go to casual style during the summer months.

Boy's Boots


During the winter months, wearing something substantial and rugged enough to deal with the harsh weather, keeping your boys feet warm and dry as well as looking stylish becomes the order of the day. Boys boots are an ideal solution. Styles such as Chelsea boots that are easy to slip on have a sturdy upper as well as a chunky sole. Lace up ankle boots with a comfortable cushioned cuff are a favourite too, making a trendy addition to your boys wardrobe. Other boot styles that also go down well include hi tops and desert boots, both of which are best suited to milder, drier days and of course not forgetting a trusty pair of wellies for when the weather gets really bad.

Boy's Dress Shoes

Dress Shoes

It’s likely that your teenager will start to attend more formal events as he gets older, this could include school discos or a friends birthday party. Weddings are also a special occasion where a more formal shoe is required. Popular styles of dress shoes that are favoured by teens would be brogues, lace up Oxford shoes as well as formal loafers depending on the look they’re going for. A good pair of dress shoes also make suitable footwear for school. A good quality pair of formal shoes with a solid heel, a well fitting instep and weatherproof upper such as leather, will serve your boy well.

To Conclude


Older boys and teenagers are probably the hardest to buy for when it comes to shoes, keeping up with current trends can be a real task and getting it just right can seem like a fine art. But, getting to know what's hot right now and letting your boy express himself, is sure to make you the coolest parents in town!

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