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Ultimate Boys' Shoes Guide

Popular Shoes For Teenage Guys And Older Boys

Boys’ shoe styles change as time goes on. Whether it’s their new pair of shoes for a first day at school or trainers playing in the park – boys’ shoes put up with a lot, so it’s important that you find the right pair.

You’ll want to find shoes that are hardwearing and durable, but also a style that they like.

In this guide:

There are lots of different styles of shoes to choose from, so below, we’re going to take a look at the different shoe styles for all ages.

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Popular Styles For Older Boys And Teens

Popular shoe styles for young boys and toddlers

Boy's Trainers

Canvas shoes for young boys and toddlers

Canvas shoes are very playful and come in a range of colours and patterns. They are great for everyday wear as they can be easily washed. Canvas shoes are perfect for summer months, being light and made from a cotton blend – keeping their feet nice and cool.

Boy's Casual Shoes

Trainers for young boys and toddlers

Trainers might make up the majority of your little one’s shoe collection. Light, durable and supportive, trainers are ideal for year-round wear. Breathable enough for hot summer days, but packing the wet weather resistance for a winter walk.

Boy's Boots

Wellies for young boys and toddlers

Nobody likes having cold, wet feet and having a pair of wellies for when the heavens open is essential. Available in a range of designs featuring their favourite characters, wellies are sure to brighten up you little one’s day.

Boy's Dress Shoes

Character shoes for young boys and toddlers

Some boys can take a disliking to wearing their boots out and about. Sporting shoes emblazoned with their favourite TV characters might make them feel a little happier about slipping on their shoes. You’ll find a range of kids' character shoes in the shoezone range.

Popular Styles For Older Boys And Teens

Popular shoe styles for teens and older boys

Trainers for older boys and teens

Trainers for older boys come in a range of different styles to suit different needs. From skater trainers and high-tops to trainers, there are so many to choose from.

Boy's Trainers

Casual shoes for older boys and teens

Casual shoes are what boys will use to establish their style. Slip-on shoes, such as canvas plimsols or loafers, are always a favourite.

Boy's Casual Shoes

Boots for older boys and teens

Boots are a staple, especially during the winter months. They’re substantial and rugged enough to deal with different weather conditions – keeping their feet warm and dry. Styles such as Chelsea boots are easy to slip on and sport sturdy chunky soles and added ankle support.

Boy's Boots
To Conclude

What should I look for in boy’s shoes?


This is one of the biggest things to consider when choosing shoe styles. If a pair of shoes aren’t comfortable or don’t fit correctly, they can cause sores and blisters and will go unworn on the shoe shelf.

The season

Seasonal weather should always be considered. For example, buying wellies or other boots in winter will be much better than choosing canvas shoes.


Choose a colour that will go with many outfits to get the most wear out of them. You might want to choose a pair in your boy’s favourite colour if you want to inspire them to wear a particular style more often.


A rigid sole should be avoided for toddlers as little ones aren’t able to flex their feet fully until they’re a little older. Equally, you’ll want to avoid a heel that is too soft and doesn’t offer enough support.


The right pair of shoes need to be sturdy, supportive and durable. A good insole and a structured heel is perfect for this.

For more advice on finding the perfect shoes, check out our shoe style and fitting guides.