Freestep Shoes & Slippers

If it’s comfort you’re looking for, our Freestep ladies' shoes and slippers are right up your street. Our Freestep range offers supreme comfort at supreme prices with some serious savings to be had. The Freestep women’s ankle boots engage your feet in a warm embrace and come at a superior build quality to other boots. With a suede exterior and a fluffy inside, they’re perfect for keeping your feet warm and lounging around. When the weather starts to bite, there are few things more satisfying than getting indoors and putting on a pair of fluffy shoes. Freestep women’s footwear is built with comfort in mind and they’ve executed their mission perfectly. Check out their leather comfort shoe for running errands in or for the commute. Your feet get enough punishment in heels, give them a break with some uber-comfy Freestep women’s slippers. If you spend a lot of time walking around day to day, it’s important that you look after your feet, that they manoeuvrability and aren’t being put under too much pressure in a rigid shoe. That’s why we love their comfort shoe. Shop our selection of Freestep shoes below - do your feet a favour and keep them warm and comfy. You’ve only got one pair so treat them!