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How to Wear Men’s Boots

Group Of Men

It’s that time of year; you’re feeling the chill and your feet need an extra level of protection. You’re ready to move from shoes to a sturdy pair of men’s boots, but you want to stay stylish. It’s time to think about how to wear men’s boots and look great!

From when to wear them to what to wear men’s boots with, we’ve got you covered. These days boots are more than just a practical item; they’re really stylish and will add that finishing touch to your look. Check out our guide to men’s boots and how to wear them to kick those outfit worries to the kerb!

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When (and When Not) to Wear Men’s Boots

Men's Boots

When contemplating men’s boots and how to wear them, one of the key considerations is also when to wear them. Of course autumn and winter bring cooler weather that is suited to boot wearing. Chilly, frosty and damp conditions will automatically have you reaching for boots to keep your feet warm and dry. But boots can be useful during the spring too.

So, that’s most of the year covered but can you wear men’s boots in the summer? Yes you can! In the UK summer doesn’t always bring blisteringly hot weather. On those cooler days you can absolutely reach for your boots. They also make a good footwear choice for evening wear when there’s more of a chill in the air. To pull this off you’ll need to think about the boots you pair with your outfit. Desert boots are a great option for summer wear as they are lightweight and don’t have a lining, so your feet won’t get too hot. They also come in sandy shades which look great with lighter coloured summer clothes. Men's Chelsea boots can work for the summer too, if you style them with the right pair of jeans. Once again, choosing a lighter colour and a suede finish will help your outfit give off a summer vibe.

Chelsea And Desert

Whilst it’s true that men’s boots can be worn all year round, it’s also worth thinking about when you should really opt for a shoe or sandal. During really hot weather boots aren’t the most comfortable footwear choice. A lightweight men's canvas shoe or men’s sandal would be much more fitting. Some would also suggest that men’s boots shouldn’t be worn with shorts, but we’ll come to that later! Essentially, as long as you choose your boots wisely, they can work for most of the year round.

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Men’s Boots Outfit Ideas

By now you’ve decided that boots are the way forward. The only thing left to consider is how to style them. Here are some men’s boot outfit ideas to help you nail your look.

Men's Boots With Suits

Men’s Boots and Suits

It’s true; men’s boots and suits can be the perfect pairing. The key as always is choosing the right pair of boots. Here’s what to look for when selecting men’s boots to wear with suits:

  • Tread: boots with a chunky tread create a casual look and should be kept for casual wear. The best men’s boots for suits will have little or no tread, giving them a sleek and smart appearance.
  • Detailing: if your boots have little or no detailing, they are probably suitable for wearing with a suit. Avoid chunky details, heavy stitching and thick laces.
  • Colour: choose a colour to complement your suit. Brown boots work well with navy or grey suits, whilst black boots are ideal for black or grey suits.
  • Finish: leather or leather look boots tend to work best with suits. Avoid suede unless you’re trying to dress the suit down.

The secret of how to wear men’s boots and suits is simple. Look out for boots that look like dress shoes. The main difference will be the extra height which will keep your ankles warmer and offer extra protection when the weather is wet. Styles you might opt for are Chelsea boots, smart lace up boots and brogue boots. Just let the hem of your suit trousers fall over the boot and you’re done!

Men Shorts

Men’s Boots with Shorts

Pairing men’s boots with shorts can be a tricky business. If your footwear is too heavy, it will draw attention to itself and make your outfit feel awkward. For the majority of the time you’ll probably select a pair of men’s sandals or canvas shoes with your shorts. But there will come an occasion that requires something a little smarter or sturdier, which will send you looking for men’s boots you can wear with shorts. The good news is, we have a solution to this problem! The best boots to wear with shorts are some of our favourites: desert boots.

As the name suggests, desert boots were invented for hot, dry and sandy terrain. This makes the desert boot your only real match for a pair of shorts. They’re lightweight and don’t have a lining, and they are available in colours suitable for your summer wardrobe. The only other thing you need to know about wearing boots with shorts? Don’t show your socks! Wear without or make sure socks are well hidden beneath your boots.

Chelsea Boots

Men’s Chelsea Boot Outfit Ideas

If you’re going to add just one style of men’s boots to your wardrobe, a safe bet would be the Chelsea boot. It’s sophisticated, simple, elegant and can be worn with almost anything. It goes with suits, jeans and chinos. What’s more, it’s easy to pull on and oozes effortless style.

When you’re putting together a men’s Chelsea boot outfit there aren’t too many rules you need to remember. Just let your trousers or jeans naturally fall over the top of the boot, and make sure you’ve selected a colour combination that works.

One of the most popular colours for Chelsea boots is brown. Choosing a men’s outfit to go with brown Chelsea boots is fairly straightforward. Brown works really well with navy so your favourite pair of jeans will provide a perfect pairing. Add a t-shirt or cosy knit and your outfit is complete. If you’re after something a little smarter, brown boots will go well with beige chinos or a navy or grey suit.

Black Chelsea boots look really streamlined with a pair of black skinny jeans. This simple base can be dressed up or down with a shirt, polo or t-shirt. For work days you could also wear your black Chelsea boots with a dark grey suit.

Men’s outfits with grey Chelsea boots are just as easy to put together. Pair with black jeans or lighter colours like light blue denim. Experiment with your Chelsea boots and find a style that works for you.

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Now You Know How, Rock Those Boots!

Incorporating men’s boots into your wardrobe is really much simpler than you might expect. There are very few hard and fast rules and choosing a boot over a shoe can often give you an edge to your style without really trying. So, reach for the boots with confidence and enjoy wearing them!

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