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Men’s Boots Compared

Boots Compared

Having some solid pairs of boots in your wardrobe is an astute move. They’re durable, warm and they look great. Every man should consider keeping his shoe options fresh by having some pairs of boots to choose from. Boots have been dabbling in high society and fashion for centuries now. Men have been wearing them since the fifteenth century, if not longer.

It was only until the 19th century that the boot started to become more of a fashionable item for everyone, rather than just for the upper classes or a military item. The fashionable men’s boot went into hiding during the twentieth century. Dress shoes became the order of the day for men and boots were for the military, labour and sports. Not any more, friends. The boot is back, and it is the perfect way to switch up your style this autumn through to spring.

In this post, we’ll be comparing men’s boots to other styles of shoe, to let you know when you should be wearing what, so you don’t make any more fashion faux pas. You are welcome, chaps. The good news doesn’t stop there. You can get free delivery on any of the products you see in our Men’s boots range on our website. We have great prices, amazing deals and fast delivery. But let’s get back to the matter at hand and see how men’s boots fare against their footwear foes.

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Men’s Boots vs. Shoes

Boots vs Shoes

First battle of the day: men’s boots vs shoes. When should you wear boots and when should you wear shoes? If you’re already a man who likes to wear smarter shoes in their day to day life, like a pair of loafers for example, then some boots will do you well. If you’re also into your streetstyle, then you can also find some complementing boots.

When it comes to going about your day, there’s not really a necessary choice that has to be made between shoes and boots. They both work very well with different outfits. And with plenty of boot styles available on our website, from desert boots to men’s Chelsea boots, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Here’s how some of our most popular boot styles compare to shoes…

Desert Boots vs Shoes

Desert Boots vs Shoes

Desert boots are a versatile kind of boot. They’re normally made of soft suede or leather, meaning that they’re more comfortable and go great with casual wear. If you’re a big fan of denim jeans, or even corduroys in the winter, these are a good shout for you.

If you frequently wear suits, opt for a smarter dress shoe instead. Desert boots are also not the best boots to wear in the dead of winter due to their softer lining. Save them for warmer days.

Chelsea Boots vs Shoes

Chelsea Boots vs. Shoes

Men’s Chelsea boots are back in a big way in recent years. They never really went out of fashion, but they’ve definitely been making a resurgence recently. They can be worn with suits as well as jeans, and add a smart edge to any look

Chelsea boots are for everyone and if you don’t have a pair in your wardrobe, then what are you waiting for? Interchangeable for any slightly smarter shoe, they’re versatile, easy to wear and definitely make a statement.

Lace Up Boots vs Shoes

Lace Up Boots vs. Shoes

These are your more military and work style boots. You can use them to mix up your footwear game. Our lace up boots section is perfect for adding something a bit new to your wardrobe. This is where you can mix up your streetwear style as well, where you can wear your comfiest clothes and make a statement too. Swap out your trainers and pair some military boots with some well-fitting tracksuit bottoms, a thick hoody, a distressed denim jacket and a dad cap for effortless style and comfort.

They can also be dressed up with some jeans too and be used to achieve some great smart-casual looks. Just don’t wear them with a suit. Save Chelsea boots and smarter shoes for that.

Which brings us to…

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Men's Dress Boots vs Dress Shoes

Dress Boots vs Dress Shoes

This is a topic discussed often, with people of many different opinions on this. When should you wear dress shoes and when should you wear dress boots? The men’s dress shoes vs boots debate is longstanding, for sure.

Dress boots are more for making your smart casual outfit smart. For instance, a shirt, jumper, black jeans and some dress boots is a great smart casual look. It’s really stylish and if you get the colours working in harmony it’s a guaranteed winner.

Wearing dress boots with a suit and tie is a no-go in our books. This isn’t to say that dress boots and suits are completely out of the question. Not too long ago, Harry Styles showed that dress boots can be paired with blazers with great effect. Pairing a pair of black Cuban boots with tailored trousers, a suit jacket looked great. The difference? He wore a patterned shirt, with no tie, with a couple of the top buttons loose as well.

So, if you have to wear a tie, reach for the dress shoes instead. This is where brogues, Oxford and Derby shoes, men’s loafers etc. come in. If you’re not wearing a tie, the suit jacket is still allowed, you just need to show some of the same fashionable nous that Harry Styles did and think outside the box.

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Men’s Boots: Black vs Brown

Black vs Brown Boots

It’s time for civil war as we look at men’s boots: black vs brown. A lot has been said about fashion ‘rules’ regarding black and brown. ‘No brown after six’ being one for example, or ‘no brown in town’. If you still abide by these rules that are literally from as early as the 19th Century, then you need to bring yourself back to the 21st and abide by your own rules.

So, when should you wear brown and when should wear black? It is entirely up to you, of course. However, there are some things you might want to consider.

  • The time of year. The season should play a part in what colour you go for. In the winter, it’s dark by 5pm, this naturally leads to darker colours being worn. Match the season by going for some black boots. But don’t rule out the brown boots too. Some winter days are cold but sunny. Add a splash of colour to a monochromatic outfit with some brown boots. Bear in mind the potential you have of standing out if everyone else is going to be going for black.
  • The occasion. Black boots will always be more suited to smarter affairs. And remember what we said earlier, if it requires a tie, leave the boots at home. If it’s a smart-casual dress code, you’re welcome to bring your brown boots along. Try and be savvy about your colour palette.

That’s pretty much it. There’s much less to it than you think. Don’t sweat the small stuff and ultimately, don’t think too much about these silly rules. The only person you need to impress with your outfit is yourself. If you’re feeling your outfit, then that gives you a confidence boost and that shows more than your sartorial choices ever will.

Make a note however, brown is undoubtedly the colour of Autumn/Winter 2019. It’s been well-represented on the runways in both womenswear and menswear. Its naturally suited to autumn and complements all the autumnal shades well.

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Men’s Boots: Chelsea vs Desert

Chelsea vs Desert Boots

It’s another civil war as the men’s Chelsea boot takes on the desert boot. The battle between these two is simple and its easy to see where each one wins. For your smarter looks, the Chelsea boot comes out on top nine times out of ten. It’s undeniably the smarter style of the two. These can be paired with a suit and they look naturally very dapper.

For your more casual looks, it’s the desert boot. These give a smarter edge to an otherwise casual outfit and they’re more versatile. They can be paired with cords, jeans, chinos and trousers alike. For warmth, they fall short of the Chelsea boot again, but their softer lining makes them more comfortable and relaxed.

For all your men’s boots needs, head to the dedicated section on our website. We’ve given you all the tools to go forth and achieve great looks with some boots, now it’s time for you to save money by shopping from our wide range. With amazing prices, special offers and high-quality boots available, you can prepare for the autumn and winter months on our website and save money whilst you’re at it. The good news doesn’t stop there. All of the men’s boots on our website qualify for free & fast delivery within 2-4 working days. See how much you could save at shoezone.

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