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Men’s Boots Trends 2019/20

Men's Boots Trends

Men’s boots have featured heavily in fashion on and off over the years. If you want to get the low down on what men’s boots are in style in 2019/20, read on. Boots are warm, durable and, when worn correctly, incredibly stylish, not just something you throw on when the weather is cold! They’re a style statement in themselves, but it can be hard to keep up with what colours, materials and styles of boot are in fashion at any one time.

That’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll be going over the men’s boot trends of 2019 and do some forecasting of what early 2020 has in store. We’ll be showing the best men’s boots out there at the moment. Don’t worry, high fashion doesn’t have to come at a high price when you shop at shoezone. In our Men’s section, you can shop from our wide range of boots, all with free delivery as standard. But before that, let’s dive into what men’s boots are in in fashion in 2019/20.

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Men’s Boots Trends Autumn & Winter 2019

There’s a few stand-out styles of men’s Autumn boots that have been dominating the runways. Fashion doesn’t make sense anymore in 2019, if it ever did. Coming out of a summer season where apparently the uglier the shoe, the better, things are somewhat getting back to normality this season.

The Chelsea Boot

Chelsea Boots

Men’s Chelsea boots are well-represented this year. These never normally go out of fashion, but with designers adding them to their collections, Chelsea Boots are back. Those in the know have been wearing them for a while now but it’s taken a couple of seasons for them to return to their status as a mainstream fashion staple. So, if you’ve already been wearing Chelsea boots, congratulations. You are officially ahead of the curve.

Mix it up with different textures, and if you’re going for suede Chelsea boots, make sure you protect the suede from the autumnal elements (invest in a protection spray). Brown is the colour of the season so bear that in mind for any type of boots you may buy this year. Chelsea boots not for you? Zip-up Cuban boots are a good workaround that are similar but different.

Desert Boots

Desert Boots

Desert boots are very much in style this season. They’re classic examples of stylish boots for men. Desert boots are a type of chukka boot. Their history goes back to the days of Second World War, as the at-ease footwear of choice. In the decades of peace that have followed, they’ve been co-opted into the world of fashion.

Again, keep brown in mind when shopping for desert boots. Their unique silhouette and design is a good way of mixing up your wardrobe and adding something a bit different. For example, if you get a pair of Chelsea boots, you don’t want to be seen in them every day. Mix things up a bit by getting a good pair of desert boots involved too.

Hiking Boots

The outerwear crossover into the fashion world has been going on all year. There’s no signs of it stopping this Autumn/Winter. Hiking boots are very much in style for Autumn/Winter 18. You can rejoice in the fact that your hiking boots aren’t just reserved for muddy walks in the rain anymore. They’re now at the height of fashion.

We have a wide range of boots that match the style in our lace-up boots section. Pair these with a big winter coat as ‘protection’ has been a big theme of the catwalks recently. With all the chaos and political turmoil going on, there seems to be good reason to protect yourself this winter!

Hiking Boots

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Men’s Boot Trends Spring 2019

Spring Trends

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. You can never be too prepared, so here’s what we’re seeing will be on trend in the spring of 2019. There’s not too much difference in terms of styles of boots. Chelsea, desert and hiking boots are still going to be the order of the day but with a few different colours, textures and styles thrown in there too.

Brown will still be the order of the day, but in lighter shades. Big, bright, yellow outfits have been making frequent appearances too. If you’re going to go for the brighter look next spring, try accenting it with some dark hiking boots. The colour that will see the biggest surge next spring though, is sage green.

As for detailing, whip stitching and oversized laces will be well-represented in men’s footwear as a whole, so incorporate that into your future boot purchasing decisions. Suede is looking like it will be a big hit next spring, too – it’s stylish in a pair of ankle boots, and also less likely to get ruined with the incoming good weather.

Get yourself ready for the rest of 2019 and start off 2020 on-trend with the fashion hints and tips we’ve dished out above. Men’s boots always make a strong showing on the runways and this year it’s all about Chelsea boots, hiking boots and desert boots. Shop from our wide ranges of all three on our website, where you can get free & fast delivery on all of our products.

You can find them in our men’s section. There, you can also shop from our range of smart and formal shoes, men’s trainers and also prepare for the big freeze with our wellies and cosy slippers too. With amazing prices, free delivery alongside amazing price cuts, sales and deals, you can get your next footwear shop done without taking a small loan. We’re dedicated to keeping our prices low and our customers satisfied. See how much money you could save when you shop at shoezone.

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