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Types of Men's Sandals

Men's Sandal Styles

Is it time to start considering some sandals for the summer? We’re going to be talking about men’s sandal styles, so you can shop with confidence. If you can only name a couple types of sandal, then you need this guide.

We’re going to be looking at the most popular styles of men’s sandals, and the ones that you need to be thinking about for your summer wardrobe. We’ll even offer our advice on how to wear them to boost your ensemble. With this men’s sandals guide, you’ll begin to appreciate the humble sandal for the style icon it truly is.

Let’s dive straight in by going over the main ones:

Sandals Styles Flip Flops

Flip Flops

Men's flip flops, thongs, jandals, plakkies, clam diggers. Whatever you call them, this sandal is the one we’re all familiar with. They’re comfortable and easy to wear. There’s not too much to say about the flip flop but we do have some advice.

If you have some standard foam or rubber flip flops, these should be for light activity and lounging. Wear them by the pool, on the beach or for small errands which don’t require much walking. This is because the standard flip-flop doesn’t offer that much support for your feet and doing too much in them can damage your feet.

Get yourself a sturdier pair when you’re heading out to dinner. Men’s leather flip-flops are more suited for such affairs and can be dressed in a way that they don’t look out of place at dinner.

Slider And Mule


We’re not entirely sure when sliders got so popular but we’re here for it. The once unassuming slide has taken over the men’s sandals market and even top fashion houses have gotten in on the act!

Don’t spend that much on a pair of sliders. You should get a pair by all means, but never pay that much for them. It goes against all the laws of common sense. Sliders have become a truly acceptable ‘street sandal’ and men’s mules are even more street-appropriate.

Socks and sliders have become a totally acceptable look, but we prefer them sockless. They go best with some shorts, but a pair of trousers can look good with them too. Just make sure they’re slightly skinny or hemmed at your ankle. Bootcut jeans and slides are an absolute no-go.

Men's Walking Sandal

Walking Sandals

Men's walking sandals are perfect for the active, outdoorsy types amongst us. Not exactly a style piece, these are built to last and for protection. If you’re particularly active, a good pair of walking sandals will always be your friend. Save your flip flops for the beach, and grab your walking sandals for hikes, exploring and more.

Not much can be said for what to pair these with. You’re not really looking to make a fashion statement with walking sandals. We simply advise that you find a pair that will offer the most support and protection for your feet. Function is more important than fashion when it comes to these.

Huarache Sandals

Huarache sandals are a fantastic blend of smart and casual. They almost look like a pair of loafers, but their woven effect and light weight makes them ideal for summer parties. If you want to look smart but also want to keep your summer aesthetic, then a pair of huarache sandals will do just that.

There’s a huge variety of design with huarache sandals. From the minimalistic running Huarache sandals which are essentially a sole and some rope to the more sophisticated loafer-esque designs. They’re just as well suited to a good pair of trousers as they are shorts.

Are mens sandals still fashionable?

Yes, men's sandals can be very fashionable depending on the style, design, and how they are worn. Classic styles like leather slides or minimalist designs can be timeless and versatile, while trends like sporty sandals or strappy designs can also be fashionable in the right setting. That said, it ultimately depends on personal style preferences and how well they are coordinated with the overall outfit.

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Men’s Sandal Trends for 2024

Now we’ve gone through the most popular styles of sandals for men, it’s time to look at which ones you’ll be seeing the most of this summer. If, ten years ago, you told anyone in the fashion world they would be talking about men’s sandals trends, you’d probably be laughed out the door. Now, in the crazy parallel universe that we seem to be living in, here’s the skinny on what men’s sandals will be coveted come summer.

Men's Socks-Sandals

First, is the mule takeover. The mule hasn’t been this popular since the 90s and has made a huge resurgence in the women’s footwear market. It’s also making some serious inroads to the men’s market too. They’re comfortable, easy to wear and can be dressed up or down, depending on their design. Definitely worth checking out this summer.

Socks and sandals are still acceptable and in fact, trendy. They’ve been making plenty of showings on catwalks all over the world. They’ve even been sported by the likes of Justin Bieber and David Beckham. They’re a strong casual look and also give you some scope to mix and match. Be careful to not be too garish if you’re going with this trend. Make sure your socks are clean and both your slides and socks are working in harmony. This trend is much more contentious than the others and is up to your personal taste. Some people will never accept that socks and sandals are okay, and others love them.

Finally, one last trend that we’re seeing is embracing designs that were traditionally considered to be more feminine. Men’s footwear seems to be reclaiming the gladiator sandal as of late and other strappy designs. Men’s open-toed sandals used to just be flip flops or huaraches. Now, big fashion names have adopted the strappy sandal and they’re making some waves. Caged sandals, Grecian designs and bold strapping are getting a lot of good press and it’s not hard to see why. There’s great potential for these designs and they’re definitely worth your consideration this season.

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The men’s sandals market is healthier than it has ever been. It’s still yet to enjoy quite the same amount of variety that we see for women, but at long last we’re seeing more daring designs and stylish numbers.

Muted colours and tones are still the order of the day for men’s sandals. Despite seeing an upturn in variety of designs, they’re still mostly encouraged to be worn in black or brown. There’s definitely potential to add some colour with a good pair of espadrilles or sliders. White is a very popular colour this year and worth bearing in mind.

A good pair of sandals is an absolute essential for any man’s wardrobe and you’ll find great designs at even better prices on our website.

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