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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Sparkling lights illuminate the cold, dark, winter and we bring our families together to celebrate another year, each other and Christmas. Unless you’re a modern-day Grinch, there is only one thing that we can all agree is the bane of your life around Christmas time and that’s gift shopping.

Sometimes, it’s easy and you know exactly what to get everyone, but other times, you need a little guidance and may even have to go out on a limb with your gifts. Well, we’ve put together this ultimate Christmas gift guide so you know exactly what to buy your family and friends this year. We’ll be looking at gifts for him, her and the kids in this guide.

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What are Great Christmas Gifts?

Before we look at some specific gifts, let’s talk about what makes a great Christmas gift. One thing that’s easy to forget in the consumer madness of Christmas is that the greatness of a gift isn’t measured by how much you spend on it, a gift is about the thought and effort that goes into it.

So, if your Christmas budget is looking a bit thin this year, don’t despair. A study from Ordnance Survey has revealed that nearly 90% of Brits care more about the time, effort, sentimental value and charm of a present than the cost. If you’re buying for someone who falls into the 10% of people that care about money first, then you should just give them a lump of coal. Because that’s not what Christmas is about at all.

If you’re struggling to think of a gift and you don’t have much to spend to begin with, all that means is that it’s time to get your thinking cap on. Think about how you can make or acquire a gift that’s personal, thoughtful and meaningful.

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Christmas Gifts for Her

Christmas Presents For Her

The ladies in our lives deserve it all this Christmas, so what is a good Christmas gift for a girlfriend, wife, mother, friend, or any of the ladies we know and love? Let’s take a look at some of the best footwear and accessories that will make the perfect gift.

    Christmas Gift- Purse

  • A new purse – purses are always a welcome Christmas gift, they’re handy companions and if you’re looking for a nice gift that won’t cost a fortune, you can’t go wrong with a purse.
  • Notebook – everyone should carry a notebook on them, they’re great for staying organised, noting down ideas that you’ll never act on and as a creative outlet if you know someone who loves to write.
  • Christmas Gift - Scarves

  • Winter comfies – from hats to some comfy pyjamas, you can never be too snug. A sure-fire winner of a present.
  • Christmas Gift- Bag

  • A new bag – whether it’s a handbag, satchel or body bag, a new bag to accessorise with is a good gift. They’re not massively expensive and they’re easy to buy.
  • Slippers

  • Slippers – if you don’t own a pair of slippers, then what have you been doing all this time? A nice pair of fluffy warm slippers will always go down well.
  • Make up kits – Exercise caution with this gift idea. If you know absolutely nothing about make up, it may be better to opt for a gift card from a cosmetics store as buying make up isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. If you know what makeup she likes or back yourself to pick the right one, then go for it.
  • Baking goods – if you need a Christmas gift for someone who loves to bake, think personalised aprons, some good quality-kitchenware or a simple baking gift set.
  • Booze and bites – If all else fails, then you definitely can’t go wrong with her favourite tipple and some luxurious snacks.
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Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas Gifts For Him

Buying gifts for men can be harder than it seems. Many of the men in our lives are simple beings and normally some new socks will do. But here’s some inspiration for getting some good Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, husband, dad etc.

  • Tech – You can bet that there is a piece of tech out there that every man needs but doesn’t know it yet. From self-stirring mugs to wireless headphones to Bluetooth speakers, there’s something out there that the men in your life could do with that they haven’t got around to buying themselves.
  • Travel goods – From portable games to nifty bags, if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for someone that likes to travel, there’s loads of really convenient gifts out there for explorers. Think neck pillows, travel kits, wash bags….
  • Christmas Gift - Smart Shoes
  • Smart shoes – If your dad, brother or partner has worn the same tired old shoes to every formal affair for the past couple decades, then look into getting him a new pair of smart shoes. Whether it’s a pair of gents’ loafers or some nice lace-up shoes, every man needs a good pair of formal shoes.
  • Booze – Christmas smiles are guaranteed if you opt to buy some festive booze. Whether it’s specialty ales, a fine cognac or his favourite whiskey, a bottle will go down much better than you may think. You can also find websites that sell personalised bottles of alcohol. The extra thought goes a long way.
  • Barbecue – If you know a man who likes to cook and can be found stood by a grill all summer long, look into getting some high-quality barbecue equipment and accessories. Whether it’s a nice apron, or some new utensils, any avid griller will love them.
  • Christmas Gift - Walking Boots

  • Walking boots – Some new walking boots will be well-received by anyone who likes to take long walks and loves the great outdoors.
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Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas Gifts For Kids

The most important to please at Christmas are the little ones. Unlike adults, they’ve not yet developed the skill of pretending to like the present they’ve been given. Drop the ball on the children’s presents and you’ve dropped the ball on Christmas. They’ll be sulky all day and there’ll be no Christmas cheer. For anyone.

Christmas Gift - Lunchboxes

So, what are the kids’ Christmas gifts you need to know about? Ask your children, or their parents if they aren’t yours, what tv shows, films and musicians they like. Getting stuff that’s branded by their favourite characters always goes down well. From character bags to shoes to bed sheets, it’s a guaranteed win. We’ve even got kids’ shoes featuring their favourite characters too!

Christmas Gift - Character Shoes

There are also the usual suspects to consider. Dolls, Lego, scooters, Play-Doh, unicorns, Harry Potter and the like. Toy robots look set to be a big thing this year as technology becomes cheaper and more available and consoles remain as big as ever.

The most important thing this Christmas and every Christmas is the thought and effort that goes in to the gifts. You needn’t spend a fortune. If you’re looking for some Christmas inspiration, we have loads of gifts on our website. Whether it’s some heels for her, slippers for him or some Paw Patrol slippers for the kids, you’re sure to find gifts for all the family!

Christmas Gifts For EveryOne

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