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How to Wear Women’s Sandals

How to Wear Women’s Sandals

Buying new women’s sandals ready for the warmer weather is great fun; lots of different styles and colours to choose from, plus they’re a great excuse for keeping your feet fresh and sparkly with regular pedicures.

But when it comes wearing sandals, it’s easy to get a bit lost. Styling them can be tough, especially if it’s for a particular occasion such as a wedding or for the office. Not only do you have to consider such things as footwear comfort and fit, but to then have to coordinate said shoes with a particular outfit can leave you feeling somewhat perplexed. What colours work together? Is the heel height too much? Where is it appropriate to wear sandals? These are all questions you might find you ask yourself.

So… we’ve put together a few tips that should help you when choosing the right sandals for your outfit as well as a few things to look out for when wearing them.

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Different Types of Womens Sandals

When it comes to different types of sandals, there’s a plethora of styles out there to choose from. It could be that you’re into a more bohemian vibe, so gladiator sandals are where it’s at. Or if you prefer a beachy look, toe post sandals would be the perfect choice. Here are some of our favourite styles:

Women's Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals Perfect if you want a relaxed look. Go for a neutral colour such as black or tan if you want to keep things earthy. On the other hand, metallics are a great option if you want to jazz things up and add focus to your outfit, and embellished flat sandals are awesome for making a real style statement!

Wedge Sandals

Wedge Sandals Wedges are perfect if you want to add height to your outfit, without the need for over the top or unsupportive heels. They’re also great for adding a retro edge to your look. Wedge heeled sandals also surprisingly comfortable due to the added instep support, making them the perfect choice if you’re not too confident in regular heels.


Mules If you want ease of wear, then you should definitely choose mules. Just slip them on and off without the hassle of having to untie or unbuckle them, they’re perfect for the beach or lounging by the pool. Sliders are a popular style of mule sandals, with lots of funky designs and embellishments out there to choose from while remaining comfortable and fuss free.

Flip Flops

Flip Flops The ultimate summertime footwear, right? No other sandals scream sun, sea and sand more than a pair of ladies’ flip flops. Much like mules, they’re simple and easy to wear but with the added benefit of a toe-post, perfect for lazy days by the pool with a margarita!

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How to Wear Sandals All Year Round

You might think of sandals as summertime footwear, but there’s nothing to say they can’t be worn at other times during the year too. Obviously if there’s three foot of snow outside, sandals wouldn’t be the ideal choice but sandals can be far more versatile than you might think.

If you’d like to wear sandals during the autumn months, there are a few things you can do and they don’t involve socks! It all comes down to the outfit you choose to wear (and the weather of course!). Autumn can throw up some surprisingly nice and dry days, giving you the perfect opportunity to extend your summer footwear wardrobe that little bit further.

Flat sandals are perfect for teaming with a gorgeous pair of culottes and a light jacket. If you don’t fancy wearing culottes, try a pair of wide jeans and channel your inner retro chic.

Sandals - Culottes

Sandals can also work in winter too. Flat sandals with an ankle strap and closed toe can be the perfect alternative to ballerinas, pair them with a funky coloured pair of opaque tights and a pencil skirt and you’ve got a new twist to the usual office attire. Opting for darker colours such as black or navy will give you the versatility to play with different colours when it comes to the rest of your outfit.

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How to Wear Sandals With Dresses

When it comes to summer outfits, dresses are an obvious choice for many. Choosing light, floaty fabrics will help you stay cool in the hot weather and sandals can be the perfect footwear companion.

Wearing sandals with a maxi dress can look great. If you want to keep things casual, go for a relaxed style of footwear such a gladiator sandals or toe post sandals. If however you’re on the shorter side and you’d like to add some height to your outfit, wedges are a great choice as they will elongate your legs. However if you’re tall, wedge sandals might not be the best idea as they could take some length out of your dress, making it appear shorter than it is.

If you’re brave enough to go for mini dresses, this is where wedges or chunky, block heeled sandals can be a real winner. Choose funky colours and a platform sole for a look that could have walked straight out of the swinging 60s!

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How to Wear Sandals and Jeans

Jeans go with pretty much anything, right? And wearing sandals with jeans can be a great look! Much like with mini dresses, wide, boot cut jeans such as bell bottoms are great if you want to get on board with the retro revival. Strappy, unstructured flat sandals will work perfectly.

Sandals And Jeans

If you’d like to take things even further back in time, why not go vintage? Pedal pushers with a cute pair of open toe slingback sandals will have you channelling your inner Marilyn Monroe in no time!

If you’d prefer a more modern look, skinny jeans are probably the most versatile of the bunch. Team them with a pair of funky sliders or mules for a look that’s bang up to date and super easy going too.

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5 Sandal Outfit Ideas for Ladies

Casual day out: having a shopping day with friends or simply running some errands? Pair flat, comfortable sandals with distressed denim shorts and a loose-fitting, off-the-shoulder top. You could even try a floaty midi dress or a denim mini skirt and an oversized shirt. To tie everything together, add some boho-inspired accessories like layered bracelets and large sunglasses for a laid-back and stylish look.

Brunch chic opt for strappy sandals with a block heel and pair them with a floral wrap dress or midi skirt for a feminine and sophisticated brunch outfit. If dresses aren't your thing, some wide-leg trousers and a matching skirt are a great alternative! Whatever you choose, add a wide-brimmed hat and a crossbody bag to complete the chic ensemble.

Beach holiday: of course, sandals are a must for the beach, but make sure you choose flip-flop sandals with a playful print or vibrant colour for a beachy look. Combine them with a flowy maxi dress, a floppy hat, and oversized sunglasses. Don't forget a beach tote and some statement earrings to tie in the look.

City exploring: comfort is key when exploring new cities. So, go for comfortable gladiator sandals and team them up with high-waisted wide-leg trousers and a tucked-in sleeveless blouse. Add a sleek backpack and a statement belt for a stylish yet practical outfit perfect for exploring the city.

Summer night out: to turn heads on your next night out, choose stylish block-heeled sandals and pair them with a high-waisted A-line skirt and a tucked-in sleeveless blouse. Throw on a denim jacket for a cool evening look. Complete the outfit with a clutch and statement earrings for a touch of glam.

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Some Women’s Sandals FAQs

Can you wear sandals with a suit? We say… why not! If it’s for a special occasion, go for a tailored trouser that tapers to the ankle, we’d recommend a simple heeled sandal with toe and ankle straps so as not to draw too much attention away from the rest of your outfit. Opt for a contrasting colour to your suit and make a real style statement! These may not be suitable for the office however, in this case, a simple closed toe slingback sandal will be a more formal option.

Can I wear sandals with my wedding dress? Of course! We would however urge you to think sensibly about this one. If your wedding is in the middle of a field or on a beach, stiletto heeled sandals aren’t going to be practical. Also bear in mind that these are shoes that you’ll be wearing for most of the day, a lot of which you’ll be on your feet, so comfort is key!

Can you wear sandals with a prom dress? Yep! Much like with a wedding we would urge you to think sensibly, if the plan is to dance the night away, a lower, well-supported, heeled sandal will probably be best. You may also want your dress to be the centre of attention so choose a style that compliments rather than outshines.

Can you wear sandals while driving? This is a complicated one. While there are no laws against driving in sandals such as flip flops, it is frowned upon by many insurance companies as it could ultimately cause issues should you have an accident. The law states that appropriate footwear must be worn while driving, though no specific definition is given. You should always be able to operate the controls safely. We however, would always recommend changing into a second pair of suitable shoes to avoid any issues. Prevention is better than cure, right?

Can you wear sandals with tights? You certainly can! Peep toe sandals are the perfect choice for wearing with tights in the summertime (or any time of year for that matter!). Wearing tights gives you the chance to go a little style crazy too, opt for jazzy patterns or bright colours and really stand out from the crowd!

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Some people might think that wearing sandals isn’t for them, but with so many different styles to choose from, we’re confident there’s the perfect pair out there for everyone! Don’t be afraid to get a little creative when it comes to wearing sandals, in fact, why not treat yourself to a few different pairs and really mix it up!

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