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Sandals Versus...

Sandals Versus...

It’s nice outside and as the weather continues to get warmer through the summer months, there’s a good chance it will bring some footwear dilemmas with it. Do you go for trainers because they’re comfy? Or what about sandals because they keep your feet feeling fresh?

Sandals are the ultimate in summertime footwear but how do they stack up when compared to other types of shoes?

We wanted to do a little comparison to see what the benefits of wearing sandals were and how they compare to other footwear. Whether that’s trainers, ballerinas or heels - sandals are sure to be a big hit in hot weather.

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Sandals Vs Shoes

Choosing sandals over shoes is a tricky one, The weather in the UK isn’t always the most predictable, which can make choosing footwear difficult.

If it’s hot, hot, hot outside, with next to no chance of rain, sandals are a definite winner. They allow your feet to breathe where some styles of shoes can be quite restrictive when it comes to air circulation, causing your feet to sweat. Getting hot and sticky is never something you want to endure - so opting for a practical, comfortable pair of ladies’ sandals may be your best bet.

There are, however, benefits to wearing shoes over sandals. If the weather does decide to make an about turn, generally shoes will give you the protection against the elements that you need. They also offer more support for the feet, which is a better option for anyone that struggles with foot health. As a general rule, sandals don’t have the heel and toe support offered by shoes, meaning there’s a greater chance of injury when wearing them.

You should also decide if wearing sandals is a practical option depending on what it is you plan to do with your day. If you’re going on a 10 mile hike through the hills,you’re going to need substantial support and protection for the rough terrain. In that case sandals may not be the best option. There are, however, sandals that are specifically designed for walking - these will usually have a supportive footbed, a hardy, non-slip sole and supportive ankle straps. As the footbeds of walking sandals (or sports sandals as they’re often known) are usually contoured to support the whole of the foot, it’s important to make sure you buy the correct size for you.

Sandals vs Shoes

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Sandals Vs Flip Flops

You might question how you can compare the two most summery styles of footwear, but there are a few comparisons that are worth bearing in mind.

Flip flops are the ultimate lounging-by-the-pool footwear; easy to wear, easy to remove and generally quite comfy. Flip flops however, aren’t suitable for long term wear or lots of walking. As flip flops require you to use your toes to keep them in place, wearing them actually changes how you walk. Due to this, it can cause issues with your feet if they are worn for prolonged periods. A better alternative in this instance would be sandals with a supportive instep and a heel support with ankle strap; this will mean there’s not as much pressure put on the toes to keep them in place and consequently, will reduce the chance of problems.

Sandals vs Flip Flops

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Sandals Vs Ballet Pumps

Ballet pumps are the go-to footwear in most seasons, but when it comes to summer, there are a few reservations you might need to think about. It’s quite easy to get hot feet in ballet pumps, particularly if they’re not made from natural material or don’t have a suitable lining. As you’d most likely wear them without socks, going for a pair made from canvas or leather would be your best option.

If you’re not quite up for swapping the pumps for sandals, going for open-toe ballerinas might be an option. These will allow your feet to breathe while still offering the heel support needed.

Like flip flops, ballet pumps aren’t really suitable for long term wear or long distance walking as they don’t offer any instep support. This is where sandals can be a great alternative. Flat sandals are great alternatives which still support the feet and going for those with an ankle strap will add further support and keep your feet secure.

Sandals vs Ballet Shoes

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Sandals Vs Heels

If you have an event planned this summer and you fancy getting dressed up, chances are you’ll want to wear a nice, jazzy pair of heels. We love heels, we really do, but not all events call for them so why not mix it up with a lush pair of heeled sandals instead? There are so many styles out there that are great for summer and perfect for weddings and a night on the tiles.

We’ve said it a few times now, but sandals really are the best way of allowing your feet to breathe in the hot weather and when it comes to getting glammed up, they’re the perfect footwear for showing off those newly-pedicured tootsies too!

Going for a lace-up style heeled sandal will allow you to control how secure they are, giving you extra support that you wouldn’t otherwise get. Wedge sandals are a great summer alternative to regular heels too. Wedges are great if you’re a little unsure about wearing heels because they offer support across the whole of the foot, making it easier to walk as you would in flat sandals.

Sandals vs Heels

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Sandals Vs Slippers

This might seem like an odd comparison to you, but ultimately it could be the best swap you make during the hot weather.

Wearing slippers should always feel like you’re walking on clouds and when you get in at the end of the day, they’re like a faithful friend, ready and waiting to rescue you from the weariness of a busy day. BUT, they do get quite warm!

Slippers can literally turn a bad day into a pretty good one, but during the warmer days of summer, it’s easy to get sweaty feet quite quickly! Usually fur-lined and made from man-made materials, there’s little chance of your feet getting the fresh air they need to stay cool. Due to the overheating, your feet will sweat more which means bacteria can build up quite quickly if worn everyday, this will cause them to smell… and no one wants smelly slippers!

This is where sandals are a good alternative. Trade in the slippers for a nice pair of sliders, which will still provide the comfort you desire but aren’t as stifling.

Sandals vs Slippers

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Sandals Vs Trainers

Choosing between sandals and trainers in summer is like choosing between chocolate and vanilla ice cream - so different but both oh so good! Trainers are the perfect footwear if you plan to be on your feet a lot, and they offer support all around the foot. Many styles are now made to be light and breathable which means there’s no need to wear socks. However we would always recommend doing so to avoid excessive bacteria build-up.

If trainers aren’t your thing, sandals are a great alternative and many styles such as toe-post and mules can have an urban vibe if that’s the look you want to go for. Sandals are also easier to take on and off, making them a better choice than trainers if you need to temporarily change footwear.

Sandals vs Trainers

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Sandals Vs Boots

If you’re wearing boots in summer, it’s time to swap them out for something a little lighter. Obviously if you have to wear work boots, there’s little you can do, but if you’re looking for alternatives to walking boots, then sandals are where it’s at.

As we mentioned before, sandals designed specifically for walking are a great alternative to traditional hiking footwear and can give your feet the freedom they need to breathe and remain at a healthy temperature. The problem with boots is that generally, you’d also be wearing pair of socks or two which can make your feet sweat excessively. Add to this the friction of walking and you’ve got yourself a blister or two.

Boots are however the perfect choice if you plan to visit a festival, because we all know that mud is a thing! Choosing sandals in this situation might not be the wisest decision so it’s worth packing both, just in case. The same goes for hiking: walking sandals leave you little protection against the elements, difficult terrain and any little critters that might fancy a feast, so for longer hikes or walks way out in the wilderness, you’ll need some sturdy boots. Choosing wisely is the key!

Sandals vs Boots

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Sandals can be a versatile and comfortable alternative to almost any style of footwear. Just be sure to make practical choices and you’ll never want to wear anything else while the sun is out!

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