Women’s Sandal Styles

Women’s Sandal Styles

We’ve got plenty of new shoe styles coming in for the summer and amongst those are some fabulous sandal designs. Our in-house team of buyers have got their finger on the pulse, bringing in some new lines that are bang on trend. To get you excited for the summer months and to inspire your looks, we’ve put together a guide on women’s sandal styles.

Our guide covers the most popular sandal styles all the way to the most classic. There’s a lot of variety in women’s sandal styles and with this range, comes a whole load of different outfit options for you to consider. Get to know more about the styles you love or find out more about a style you’re not familiar with.

We’re going to be looking at 12 different types of women’s sandals and then go on to give you the low-down on this year’s sandal trends, so you can be prepared for the summer. We hope this gets you in the mood for the sun, because we all know it’s not really summer until it’s warm enough to wear sandals outside! Be sure to check out our Women’s shoe style guide if you want some more info on boots, high heels and more.

Gladiators Sandals


Gladiator sandals are strappy sandals with a T-bar running down the front, and they’ve been around for millennia. Inspired by the Ancient Romans, it’s not unlikely to see a pair of gladiator sandals being rocked on the catwalk these days. They have a strong holiday feel to them and go well with a maxi dress for those sunset meals. They also work really well with tailored trousers or office wear if you want to free your feet at work during the summer.

Women's Flip Flop

Flip Flops

Even the most shoe-shy person will likely have a pair of flip-flops in their wardrobe. The most ubiquitous sandal around the world, they’re simple and easy to wear. They’re ideal for the beach as you can slip them straight off to feel the sand between your toes. Also, it’s super easy to wash the sand off them at the end of the day. One of the most classic sandal styles. Pair with shorts and a bikini (don’t forget a cover-up!) for a beach-ready look.



Slingbacks have experienced a revival in the past few years to become one of the most sought-after styles of the moment. The fashion powerhouses have also recently contributed to the resurgence. They often come with a low kitten heel; our advice is to pair them with modern, laid-back clothes to distance them from the grandmotherly image kitten heel sandals have garnered. A bold pair also goes down well with a cocktail dress for the evening.



It’s hard to keep up with fashion and, seemingly out of nowhere, the sliders you used to get for a few quid at your local sports shop became a Thing, but we’re here for it! If you want the simplicity of flip-flops but more scope for design, then sliders are you. We’re seeing gladiator sliders, furry ones, platform sliders, embellishments… there’s a lot more that can be achieved with them than just plain pool sliders! Simple sliders are perfect casualwear, but more statement pieces can be paired with playsuits and summery dresses for effortless style.

Wedges Sandals


A summer staple that can be worn all year round, we love wedge sandals because they can be dressed up and down with ease. If you’re going to a wedding this summer, chances are you’ll need a fancy pair of wedges (great for not sinking into the grass like stilettos!). They’re a comfy choice for workwear too! For advice on how to dress with wedges, we have a blog post all about that right here.

Dress Sandals

Dress Sandals

Dress sandals are essential for any fancy soirees you’ve got going on this summer. Incorporating the class and shape of high heels to a breathable, summery sandal makes for a killer look. They’re a hit with your evening wear, especially dresses as high-heels sandals make your legs look longer, but they can also look amazing with wide-legged trousers for a streamlined look.

Embellished Flat Sandals

Embellished Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are made for summer: they’re breathable and often understated, so will go with pretty much anything. They can add a splash of colour to your outfit or bring a little bit of sparkle to your feet. More of a casual sandal, they’re perfect for exploring the sights on holiday, when you’ve got plenty of walking to do. Check out our blog post on how to wear flat sandals for more outfit ideas.


Peep Toe Sandals

Peep toes are versatile sandals. They can be ideal office wear or give your outfit some pop next time you’re out for drinks. They can be worn with opaque tights during the winter too, either to match your outfit or as a splash of colour in a more neutral ensemble.

Mules Sandals


These sandals give you that effortless look, so are perfect if you just need to throw something on. They come with heels, as flats or as loafers. Women’s mules are easy to wear and, since their revival from the 90s, they’re a highly sought-after summer shoe. They’re versatile and you can find a pair of mules for any outfit. They also make really good transition shoes and can be worn all year round. Take a look at our blog post on how to wear mules for some ideas.

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Women’s Sandal Styles for 2019

Our team of in-house buyers love following trends and seeing what’s hot right now. We’ve been looking to the catwalk and the high street for the top sandal styles for 2019. Our list of sandal styles mentioned above is a mix of shoes that are hot at the moment and shoes that are always popular.

We’re going to split this part of the guide in to four parts:

  • Styles
  • Heels
  • Colours
  • Details


We’re going to talk about four styles in particular here. It’s hard to narrow it down but these four styles have been dominating at the moment. First up, mules. They’ve been seen all over the catwalk recently and their versatility and funky designs make them hot property this year. Sliders are finally acceptable to wear in public and not only that, some of them look amazing. We’re big fans of sliders with fur details for an ideal mixture of casual and glam.

Gladiator sandals can expect a strong showing this year as always. Gladiator sandals haven’t gone out of fashion for a while now but at the moment they seem to be looking stronger than ever. Slingback sandals are also looking formidable this year with fashion houses and high street retailers putting out some excellent versions.

Open toe sandals, wedges, espadrilles, flip flops are still popular as always, but the four styles mentioned above seem to be having the strongest showing in 2019.

Sandal Heel Heights


We’re loving this year’s heel trends. Now, we’re throwing platform shoes into the heels section here as we’re seeing classic sandal styles like sliders, open toes and lace up sandals incorporating a platform sole. Platform soles are perhaps the biggest new contender this year and have been going down a storm.

Heels have been popular this year, so a pair of heeled sandals will always be well-received this summer. We’re also seeing a lot of block and squared heels as well. Block heels suit a host of different situations and occasions and are on the rise this year alongside kitten heels. Stilettos remain a popular heel and can expect another year in the limelight.

Women's Sandals - Color Wheel


We’ve detected two main colour trends emerging this year. It’s looking like all-white or bright tones are going to take centre stage. All-white shoes always go down well in the summer months and 2019 is no exception (take a look at our white shoe cleaning guide for tips on keeping them bright). On the other end of the spectrum, big, bright colours have also been dominating the runways. We’re seeing them worn head to toe (if you’re brave!), but also being used as accents to monochrome or muted outfits, which is a trend we can get behind, especially if you’re dipping your toes into a particular colour!

Sandals Details


The details on shoes and sandals this year are varied and interesting. One trend that’s been unmissable this year is the rise of socks. Socks and sandals were once a cardinal sin and now they’re everywhere – such is life! Even your high-heeled sandals can be taken to the next level with some socks and you can expect to see this all throughout spring and summer.

As for particular details on sandals, we’re seeing a lot of feathers and embellishment. Feathers have been putting in a strong showing this year from sliders to dress sandals. Embellishment has been enjoying popularity this year once again and is looking particularly good on mules.

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Women’s shoes remain as versatile and varied a market as ever. We hope that this article has gotten you clued up, so you now can comfortably tell your d’Orsays from your mules. We’re loving what’s been hitting the high street this year and with this guide you can get the jump on all the hottest trends.

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