Choosing The Right Boot For Snow

When the temperature drops it is time to put our sandals away and pull on our winter boots. The range of ladies' boots available is huge. Whether you opt for ankle boots or knee-highs, soft leather or suede looks, textured finish or patent, wedge, flatties or spiked heels, the choices are endless.

For winter wear it is vital to have a boot that keeps your feet warm. Fashion boots look great and there are many styles available that will keep your feet warm on a chilly winter's day.

However, snowy winters are becoming more commonplace and it is wise to be prepared for sudden downfalls of the white stuff. When snow lays thick on the ground a leather fashion boot may look stylish, but is it really the best footwear for the conditions?

In snowy weather the only sensible option is the snow boot. These boots are specially designed for wearing in the snow and are robust and practical. Snow boots are fully waterproof and have thick tough soles, good grip and well-insulated linings, all designed to keep your feet warm and dry. For optimum protection from snow getting into your boots, they should at least reach to your ankles. Many snow boot models feature drawstrings at the top to prevent snow from falling into the boot.

Snow boots may be extremely practical, but that doesn't mean they can't look stylish. You can still look fashionable in women's snow boots that feature silver and bronze finishes, funky faux fur trims and cuffs and toggle detailing.