Comfort and Style with Women's Brogues

Not so long ago, brogues were the shoe of choice of the English country gentleman. Hand-stitched and tooled in the finest of leathers by master craftsmen, the brogue represented old-style quality and luxury. However, as often happens in the world of fashion where a style becomes very successful and iconic, the brogue has been reinvented for the masses.

Brogues are no longer the footwear of staid fellows in corduroy trousers and tweed jackets. Today brogues can be spotted being worn all over town by young fashionable things, male and female.

Yes, women’s brogues are everywhere. Shoe designers have cleverly taken a core style and reworked it in many different ways. Today we find high-heeled brogues, ankle boot brogues, wedge brogues, brogues that cannot decide if they are loafers, mules or brogues - all with the signature lacing and stitching details that unmistakably say 'brogue’.

The versatile nature of this winning style means that women's brogues can work equally well in smart work place outfits or funky casual wear. Neutral classic brogues in shades of brown and black make an office outfit super-chic and fashion forward whilst also being comfortable for wearing all day. Alternatively, add a pair of vibrantly coloured brogues to a pair of shorts, skinny jeans and a contemporary and fun look can be achieved instantly.

There is a brogue to suit all occasions. This flexible style can make a great workplace shoe as it offers support, comfort, and if required, low heels and a neutral and sober appearance. Women's brogues offer the perfect combination of sensibility and fashion, all in one shoe.