Comfortable Shoes

For some people, the search for comfortable shoes seems akin to a lifelong quest. Finding a pair of shoes that do not pinch, that give toes adequate 'wiggle room', and that can be left on feet for hours at a time without causing discomfort is not as easy as it sounds.

There are some general tips and guidelines to follow that will help with the selection of comfortable shoes. Most of this is common sense, but sometimes it is the most obvious things that get overlooked.

First of all, make sure shoes are the correct size. Get feet measured accurately by a footwear professional in a shoe shop. Most people have one foot larger than the other. If they differ greatly in size, fit the shoe to the larger foot. Buying shoes at the end of the day is recommended as feet swell throughout the day and this helps avoid purchasing shoes that are uncomfortably tight.

Feet come in many different shapes and sizes. Wide-fitting shoes for those with broader feet offer far greater comfort. Wide-legged boots are manufactured for those people with larger leg sizes who require wider boots.

Shoes which have adjustable fastenings allow the wearer to manage their own foot comfort to a certain extent. The use of cushioned insoles and arch supports can also help increase comfort and promote better walking habits.

The ultimate comfortable shoes will offer adequate arch support, ample cushioning or padding to avoid jarring in joints, a lower heel that does not force toes into a point and will be made out of a lightweight, breathable fabric.