Ladies' Boots For All Occasions

Whether it is smart or casual footwear you are seeking, once the cold winter weather sets in you will be wanting a new pair of ladies' boots to keep your feet toasty.

If you get it right, a good pair of boots can really boost your wardrobe. Here is an introduction to the main types of women's boots:

Knee-High Boots

Great for keeping your calves warm, they come in many styles, colours and materials with various heel heights. Wear them with 'skinny' jeans to give your leg a slim silhouette, or try them with a dress or smart coat for professional elegance. It's best to choose brown or black if your budget is limited, as neutral colours offer the most flexibility when matching clothes and accessories.

Ankle Boots

Much smaller than the regular boot, but too high to be called a shoe; heel heights, styles and colours vary. They look good with jeans or dresses. Best avoided if you have large calves, as they tend to accentuate them as the slope from leg to ankle is hidden.

Fur/Shearling Boots

These seem to be everywhere at the moment. Often a fashionable option rather than being practical, they come in many colours and styles. Shearling linings mean warm and comfortable feet, however, this style of boots is rarely waterproof and should not be worn in the snow or rain unless the manufacturer states that the product is suitable for such a use.

Practical Boots

Hiking boots, snow boots and rain boots are all available to keep your feet comfortable and dry in the elements.

So there you have it, ladies' boots for all occasions.