Sandals and Summer Shoes

One of the joys of the warmer months of the year is the chance to bare your feet in some of the pretty sandals and flip flops now available on the high street or online. When the first rays of the sun finally arrive, it is time to pack away winter boots and start looking for summer footwear such as flip flops and sandals. When sandals are properly looked after, they should last a good few years. One of the ways to prolong the life of sandals is to make sure not to wear the same pair everyday. If you have a few pairs, such as gladiator flats, high-heeled wedges and flip flops to choose from, then each pair of sandals should last for plenty of seasons to come. Store sandals away in shoe boxes or plastic storage throughout the winter months to ensure that they remain pristine, dust free, and ready to wear when the warm weather arrives.

With a variety of cheap sandals now available, you can afford to splash out on a few styles for different occasions. Espadrilles and flip flops are perfect for beach holidays and lazy days in the garden or park, while more sturdy, hard-wearing sandals will serve well for longer walks. Wearing sandals to work is perfectly acceptable too, with the choice of many smart styles such as wedges or sling backs being an excellent option for the office.