Tips on Buying Women's Shoes

Shoes can range from basic black styles to ones with decorative accents and coloured stitching. Cheap shoes offer women the chance to purchase a wide variety of shoes on a budget. Choosing the best type of shoe can seem overwhelming, so a woman should choose a pair that will match her wardrobe and fit her lifestyle.

Women's Slippers

Comfortable for wearing around the house, slippers can be purchased as a thin ballet style shoe or with a thicker sole. Women who will be wearing slippers around the house can purchases a pair that has a thinner, flexible sole. If the shoes will be used outdoors, they should have a thicker, more supportive sole. Women who have pets may want to choose a slipper that features a smooth material, instead of wool or velour which may attract pet fur.

Women's Sandals

Sandals are the perfect summer accessory and can help make a woman's legs appear longer and thinner. Women who are short should avoid sandals that have an ankle strap, as this can cause the leg to appear shorter. A woman's foot should fit comfortably in the sandal: if her heel hangs off the back part of the sandal, she should consider going up one size.

Women's Boots

Ankle boots usually feature a shorter heel and are ideal for wearing during the winter. Women who are shorter should avoid mid-height boots, as these will stop at the widest part of her calf and make her legs appear shorter. Above-the-knee boots add a dramatic touch to any outfit. The height of the heel is also an important consideration; skinny heels will be harder to walk in, while chunky heels will be more stable.