Why wait for Wellingtons?

For all you men and women out there, we just want to ask a quick question which requires a simple answer! Do you have your wellies yet? If not, hurry down to Shoe Zone and purchase your dream Wellington boots and when you have done, pick some up for your son or daughter on the way out!

We agree that wellie shopping is not always at the forefront of the mind until you are knee-deep in snow or soaked to the core by the unrelenting rain which forces itself upon us regularly in the UK. So think ahead this year and browse our huge selection of men's, women's, boy's and girl's wellies: you can do it in-store or on-line. The choice is yours but what ever you do, make it quick before we sell out.

Our prices are low: the quality is second to none and we even cater for women who struggle to find boots to fit their wide calves.

For you men out there, we have the best pair of boots a man could ever wish for! Nothing too fussy or complicated but something that comes high enough to keep your legs protected from the harsh weather conditions.

We are proud to bring you the "Classic green Wellington boot". You have a choice of makes: Dunlop or our very own Shoe Zone specials. To be honest, both are as good as each other. They both have a natural coloured sole and a green body. The Dunlops are cut at an angle at the back of the leg whereas ours are straight cut: so it just depends which you think you would prefer but there is no price difference at all. Both pairs are £9.99! What a bargain for footwear that will last you a good couple of years at least.

For the boys, we have some amazing wellington boots of all different designs such as: Pirate print, Alien print and Camouflage print for the budding Action Men of the world. Again if your little one prefers just basic green wellies, then you can get those too at a great price of just £7.99 and the good thing is that if you bought them a pair of green wellies, they can look just like daddy!

Our women's and girls' Wellington boots are a mass of eye-catching and modern spots, strips, swirls, florals, pinks, blues, purples, blacks and greens. So to untangle our mass of colour and find your dream pair, take a look today and find out what fantastic Wellington boots we have in store for you and your princess.

Our Wellington boots are cheap and cheerful but let's face it, you only need them to keep your feet dry and warm after-all; which is exactly what they will do!