Womens Mules

Our Softlite mules are handy to have around, easy to slip on and off, can be worn in or out of the house and most of all; they will go with pretty much every item of clothing you own. Wear them with or without socks with your skirts (long or short), shorts, three quarter length trousers or jeans, linen trousers, boot leg jeans or even swim wear.
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Lilley & Skinner White Cut Out Sling Back Heel
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Softlites Womens Black Moulded Mule Clog
Softlites Womens White Moulded Mule Clog
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Women's Mules

When buying your next pair of shoes do you stop and think about how much use you are going to get out of them or do you just buy them because you like them?

The mule shoe will be one of the best styles of shoe that you will ever buy; not just because they are nice to look at but because they are comfortable and hardwearing. Here at Shoe Zone we make your mule buying experience even better by providing you with a small yet beautiful range of Softlites mules to choose from.

Read on to learn some fun facts about the Mule, where it can be worn and what it can be worn with:

  • Any shoe that is designed for the foot to slip in and out off and has no strap at the back of the foot is classed as a mule.

  • Back in the ancient roman times the “mulleus” was a ceremonial shoe that was made from dark red leather and was only worn by highly-placed roman officials.

  • Over time the term “mule” became known as the shape of the shoe and not the colour or material.

  • The mule shoe with heel was once worn by both women and men in the Baroque period.

  • The mule can be worn with: skirts (long or short), shorts, three quarter length trousers or jeans, linen trousers, boot leg jeans or swim wear.

  • The mule can be worn with or without socks (either way they are easy to get on and take off)

  • The mule is a preferred style of shoe for women who struggle to bend down to tie up laces or to fasten Velcro or buckle straps.

  • The mule can be worn inside the home as a slipper style shoe or outside the home for regular everyday activities such as: visiting the beach, walking, shopping and running little errands.

  • Mules are mostly worn by women these days and can be found in a number of natural and man-made materials.

The mules that we stock here at Shoe Zone are available in brown or black, are extremely comfortable to wear and have a medium wedge heel which will give you just the right amount of lift without causing pain to your feet!

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