Work Shoes for Women

Make comfort a priority when choosing shoes for work. A shoe that is worn all day long should offer maximum support and comfort to avoid foot and back problems. Choose a style with a cushioned sole, substantial arch support and adequate space for toes to move.

The best work shoes for women have lower heels that offer padding and cushioning, and are made from flexible and breathable materials. Shoes that are too wide or tight soon become unbearably uncomfortable. Try them on in the shop and walk around in them while thinking about the floor surface at work. Is it soft carpet, hard concrete, or wood? Shoes that have a rounded, enclosed toe are best for comfort. Save strappy, toeless styles and high heels for partying as they can pose health and safety issues in the workplace.

Depending on the dress code at work, different styles are considered acceptable. Fashionable ballet shoes, whilst flat and flexible often do not provide adequate cushioning and arch support, so choose carefully. Some workplaces permit casual shoes such as trainers which can be very comfortable as they have plenty of support and are made from cool, breathable materials. For those in more physical occupations, women's boots with steel toe caps are available.

Work shoes are worn regularly so a neutral style and colour is a good idea. Try shoes on at the end of the day when feet are at their largest to ensure a comfortable fit. Comfortable work shoes for women are so important, that once the perfect style is found, many choose to buy an extra pair or two.