How to Style Brown Boots!

Creating different looks is easy when you have the right boots and we think that every wardrobe should include at least a couple of pairs of brown boots as they are such a versatile style you can wear throughout the year.

They are an elegant colour that pulls you away from the classic black boots you might normally choose. With a whole range of different browns to choose from including hazelnut, tan, burgundy and dark brown you will be spoilt for choice. Brown boots are a fantastic colour choice for the Autumn/Winter months; they add a rich seasonal touch to your overall outfit and work beautifully with the rich tones of these seasons.

In this post we are going to share with you our top tips for styling this wardrobe staple and what colours they go well with.  So sit back, relax and let us show you how to style brown boots…

Colours to Wear With Brown Boots

As we mentioned brown boots are fantastic styles to have in your wardrobe, whether they are a pair of riding boots, biker boots or trusty ankle boots the colour looks amazing when worn throughout the Autumn/Winter months. They are versatile enough to go with all colours; however we have broken it down depending on the shade of brown you choose.

Tan– with this light brown you can really experiment and play around with colour. Bold, rich autumnal colours work best with this shade, think burgundy, plum and mustard. Tan boots have a retro seventies feel about them, so work it into an outfit that features bold patterns and prints. They look amazing against coloured tights too so branch out and play around with different colours and patterns to see what works for you.


Hazelnut– this is a rich shade that looks great against dark denim, so what better time to fall back in love with your favourite jeans. Really make this shade pop by teaming it with a bright, eye-catching coat that is perfect for cheering up those dull Winter days or simply let the boots do the talking and put together a classic all black outfit.


Burgundy– a rich red/brown colour, this shade is perfect for creating a luxe- gothic look on a glam night out. Style a pair of burgundy boots with a rich velvet dress in black for a dramatic winter look. For all you stylish men, team a burgundy brogue Chelsea boot with a fitted suit in the same shade for the ultimate evening look.


Dark Brown– this shade will go with any colour so why not be brave and different. Pick out a bold red skater dress and tights for a seasonal office look or for a weekend with the lads style a pair of lace up brown boots with slouchy jeans for a casual look that’s still super stylish.  Pick out the bluest of the blue shirt for a colour clash that’s perfect for the work place. If bright colours are not your thing, this shade works well with other earthy tones, different shades of green look amazing against this dramatic brown.


Men’s Brown Boots: Choosing Outfits

As we’ve mentioned brown boots are one of “the” most versatile styles out there and all you stylish men out there should have at least a couple of pairs in your wardrobe. They create a sleek, smart look that never goes out of fashion. So what should you wear them with?


There are some arguments out there that suggest brown footwear does not go with black clothing but you couldn’t be more wrong, it is a classic combination that we love. Skinny jeans and a leather jacket styled with a pair of brown Chelsea boots is a match made in heaven that works well as a smart or casual look. This is a look that bands have been rocking since the sixties, so you could say it’s stood the test of time. Choosing a style that looks slightly burnished will give your outfit a bit of a vintage twist that is always on trend.

Brown Chelsea boots also look amazing teamed with a fitted black suit to give you a bold and modern office look, choose from tan or brown depending on your mood.  A style with a brogue effect is a nice way to bring a bit of the old in with the new; it also brings an interesting touch to an otherwise plain work outfit.

If you find that a black suit is a little harsh and you want a softer colour simply swap it for a grey suit, this creates a super slick look especially when paired with brown boots, try a desert boot in a rich chocolate tone for a quirky, unique look. Tan shades also compliment grey nicely, so that is another option to keep in mind.

Looking for a way to update your favourite jeans, then a pair of brown boots is the way to go. Brown boots are a fantastic colour clash against dark denim and really stand out, again choose a burnished finish that has a vintage feel about it or if you really want to stand out, choose a lighter brown shade.  If you are wearing slouched fit jeans a brown desert boot or lace up boot will bring a bit of urban cool to your outfit, it’s the perfect look for those cool Winter days, to keep extra warm during the colder months throw a cosy parka on over your outfit and rock a pair of thick socks.

Don’t forget that adding a pair of lace up boots or desert boots in brown to a pair of chinos can give you a seasonal look that is perfect for Autumn. Olive green and burgundy are colours that are a match made in heaven for brown boots; they are also super comfy which makes them perfect for the office.

Women’s Brown Boots: Choosing Outfits

Brown boots never go out of fashion and they should always have a place in your wardrobe, they are a super versatile style that can be worn again and again, whatever the season. Choosing outfits that look amazing with brown boots should be pretty easy, they go with most shades and you can really make them “pop”.


If you’re like us and you live in black leggings you’ll find you can wear any style of brown boot. For a look that you can wear for work or play, team your black leggings with a pair of little Chelsea boots and cosy knit. For a cute girly touch, throw on a pair of frilly ankle socks.

If you’re after a rock chick look for a gig or night out, style a pair of brown wedge ankle boots with your favourite black skinny jeans and fur collared leather jacket, a slick of plum lippy will give you a dramatic stylish look that is perfect for those Autumn/Winter evenings. A pair of jeans in a dark denim colour look amazing when teamed with a brown long leg boot, the colours really complement one another and you can dress them up or down with your choice of accessories and top.

Brown boots can also be worn to work, a simple black skater dress will look fantastic when styled with a pair of classic riding boots or other knee length boots, simplicity is the key to a timeless look that you can wear again and again. Think you can’t wear black brown together? You couldn’t be more wrong, these two colours look amazing together.

When Summer comes around and you have lots of festivals to go to a pair of brown boots can give you that stylish edge. A vintage inspired cream lace dress teamed with a pair of burnished brown boots will scream high fashion and the best bit is they will keep your feet super comfy! They also work well from the transition from Winter into Spring.

For a glamorous look, try a pair of brown boots with a heel, whether you choose a stiletto heel or block heel, you can create a different look to suit your mood. In the colder months a block heel can give you that extra bit of reassurance when walking on slippy and icy surfaces, while a stiletto heel is great for an evening out or a busy office.

If you’re a fan of the vintage look, a pair of brown boots that are long legged can help give you a sixties/seventies look that is bang on trend. Style them with ribbed tights, paisley print dress and fedora hat for a hippy look or team them with jeans and fur coat for a glamorous groupie look. Choose a lighter brown such as tan for a really authentic look.


So there you have it, brown boots are a must have for any ones wardrobe. Stylish and versatile, they can be worn throughout the entire year. Think about the style and how it will fit into the rest of your outfit. Play around with different shades of browns and different textures to create something a bit different and unique. Here at Shoe Zone we have a huge range of brown boots that you can find here.



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