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School Shoe Trends & Fashions:
Should I Follow Them?

School Shoe Trends And Fashions: Should I Follow Them?

Keeping up with what’s in fashion is not an easy task. Keeping up with what’s in fashion for your kids is even harder. They will love a pair of shoes one day and hate them the next. Remember that when it comes to buying your kids’ school shoes, it’s important to do your research.

You will probably find that as your children get older their tastes change more frequently. We’re here to help you pick fun footwear for your young kids & guide you in picking up a great pair of fashionable teenage school shoes for the not so young ones!

Back to School Trends

Back to School Trends

If you’re lucky and your kids school shoes last the school year then you will have 6 weeks to find a suitable pair for when they go back. Finding the best back to school shoes can be a time-consuming chore at times, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for! We would recommend looking as soon as possible as this may take longer than you think! Check our guide on when to buy school shoes for more information. Finding a good pair of back to school fashionable shoes involves knowing what your child would consider ‘trendy’, so make sure to find out!

Start with asking your child what school shoes are in fashion in 2019. If they tell you it's boots, high heels, or trainers then they’re probably just chancing their luck! Before asking, it is a good idea to go to the school website and review their uniform policy; this may outline acceptable styles of footwear. Then ask your child what style they would prefer, or you can take them shopping with you to make sure they’re happy with what you buy them.

School shoe trends are generally developed during the summer, with the release of new designs in preparation for the new school year. This is when kids decide what style is going to be most popular. So, keep an eye out for anything that looks like it’s going to be a hit.

Back to school trends reach further than just school shoe fashion though. With most schools maintaining a strict school uniform policy, your kid’s can add their own unique style to their look with accessories.

Here are a few great ideas for your kids to try to really show off their style without breaking the rules:

Belt: What’s great about this option is that you can keep it smart with brown or black leather, or make a statement with a colourful alternative.

Shoe laces: Check with your kids school uniform policy before you let them do anything bold with their shoelace choice. If the school permits, then they could swap the standard black laces for a colourful option.

Watch: With styles ranging from digital, classic, retro and skeletal to choose from, your child will be able to stand out from the crowd with any number of designs.

Jacket: Whether it’s a puffer or a bomber, a jacket is the perfect way to display some personal flair on top of your uniform. Your child can look cool in any colour from neon orange to jet black, whichever sums up their personality best!

Backpack: You may not think of a school bag as an accessory, but it can be. They can be a great opportunity for your kids to add a bit of style and colour to their look.

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Should I Follow the Trends & Fashions When It Comes to School Uniform?

Should I Follow the Trends & Fashions When It Comes to School Uniform?

Fashion can sometimes dictate what is ‘cool’ in secondary school. It’s unfortunate but true. Kids, teenagers especially, can feel the pressure to pick their clothes based on what’s popular in their school at the time. As a parent it can be difficult to give advice in this area. You want your kids to be themselves and be comfortable with their own style, but you also don’t want them to feel left out at school. As school uniform doesn’t allow students to display their personal style through clothing, they often use their footwear to do this. So, the choice is between picking school shoes that are trendy in 2019, or ones that really reflect your child’s personality. If you’re lucky then these two will be similar already.

It isn’t just the style of footwear that can make a popular school shoe, it’s also the brand. This is something that can be a divisive topic between you and your kids. As your kids progress through school they may feel as if their clothes need to be branded, and this can often be an expensive habit. As a parent, you may disagree with spending a vast amount on a pair of cool school shoes (and who could blame you?).

Our advice is to find a middle ground. Often expensive branded school shoes have a simple design. Try to find the same design in a cheaper unbranded version. Or you can try and find a great design that is unbranded to make up for the fact that it may not be their first choice! Thankfully here at Shoe Zone we also stock a wide range of popular and affordable brands that could be just the ticket for pleasing both parents and kids! The most important thing for any child to know is that the best thing they can be is themselves.

An issue that may arise with younger children is wanting to wear popular adult designs for school shoes. These include boots and heels, which can sometimes be found in children’s sizes. You may not find these appropriate, or you may feel that your child is only wearing these to fit in with their friends and other students. If this is the case then it’s important that you encourage them to follow their own style and gently explain to them why you feel they aren’t the best option for school. Try and research some designs of appropriate and stylish school shoes before so that you can provide some options.

If you’ve got this far and are now thinking that you have a daunting task ahead of you in finding the best school shoes for your kids, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Take inspiration from the points mentioned above then you can’t go wrong and are sure to pick out a great pair of school shoes. For a more detailed guide to picking the best footwear, read our guide on choosing the best school shoes.

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