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Choosing the Best School Shoes

Choosing the Best School Shoes

Choosing a pair of school shoes for your children is never an easy task. You want practical and durable, they want stylish and cool. The solution is to find a middle-ground, a shoe that can last the school year but looks great. This may sound like an impossible task, but we’ve broken down what to look for below.

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Which School Shoes are the Best?

Deciding which school shoes are the best for your children isn’t as simple as it may sound. We have looked into a number of factors to help you find that perfect pair.


This may be the most debated factor when you and your child are trying to find shoes. As a parent, you often want your child to wear sensible shoes to school. As a child, you are more likely to want to wear school shoes that are currently in trend. Unfortunately, these two are often not the same. For girls, the options range from high heels, brogues, boots, ankle boots and more. These are often the popular styles, but are unlikely to be accepted as part of your child’s uniform. There is a negotiation to be made though. If the school allows small heels or black boots as appropriate footwear then you might find this to be the middle ground. Opt for black leather or patent leather to sweeten the deal.

For boys, you’re likely to deal with your child wanting a pair of school shoes that look like trainers. They will want something that looks more informal than dress shoes, and comfortable enough to cover the walk to school or lunchtime football. If this is the case for you then you might find luck with a pair of synthetic leather school shoes with a padded sole.


This may also be a topic of disagreement between you and your children. We all know that raising children isn’t cheap, so you don’t ever want to spend more than you need to. This is no different when it comes to the prices of school shoes. Your children may want the newest design of school shoes, but they tend to come with a hefty price tag. Instead, try picking a pair with a great design that won’t break the bank. The best place to buy school shoes that tick both of these boxes can be found here, at shoezone (of course!).

Your best option is to pick a pair that are within your budget, but with a design that you and your child think will stay in fashion throughout the school year. It’s best to choose a style that you think can last the entire year. If the shoes do experience a bit of wear and tear you don’t have to rush out to buy a new pair. Check out our tips on how to care for and repair your child’s school shoes.

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If your child struggles to find a pair of standard school shoes that fit and feel comfortable then it’s possible that they require a specific style of shoe. We always recommend visiting a Podiatrist to find the root of any serious issues. The good news is that you don’t have to look too far to find a good pair of school shoes to combat common foot issues. If flat feet are the cause then look for a pair with arch support. If your child needs a shoe with a wide fit, then look for a pair that supports this and offers comfort. Similarly, if your child has narrow feet, look for a pair that offers a tighter fit than a standard shoe. Most importantly, make sure school shoes fit well as they will be worn day in, day out.


Depending on the age of your child and the activities that they get up to, you may have a preference on the fastening design of their school shoes. If your children are young then you may want to choose a pair of easy fastening school shoes. This will allow them to tighten the shoe to a comfortable fit, without the need to tie shoe laces. Another option is to buy slip on shoes. This option is common with many styles of girl’s shoes. If you want to keep the fastening style standard, opt for a pair of lace up school shoes.

School Policy

An important factor that should influence the answer to the question “what school shoes should I get?” is the uniform policy of your child’s school. Some schools may not allow students to wear certain styles of footwear such as boots or trainers. You may also find materials such as leather or suede are not permitted within certain school shoe policies. If you aren’t sure what the footwear rules are at your child’s school then make sure to check; you don’t want to buy a pair of shoes that your child can’t wear!


As your child progresses through primary and secondary school (or ‘high school’ as it’s known across the pond), the style of shoe they want is going to change. The shoes that your child picks for their first day of Year 3 will be quite a bit different to their school shoes for Year 8! You will find that as your kids get older and go back to school, the shoes they pick will be more in line with what is trending in current fashion. When it comes to picking the best school shoes to match your child’s age, it’s best to ask for their opinion.


When it comes to the question of “what are good school shoes?”, you and your children will probably have different opinions. This is especially true when it comes to which brand names to choose. You want something durable, protective and appropriate. Whereas your child might want something fashionable, popular and trendy. It’s important to remember that premier brands often come with premium prices.


A standard pair of school shoes are suitable for summer, spring, and autumn. However, they aren’t always great school shoes for the winter. If your local area is prone to wet or snowy winters then the material of your kids’ school shoes may not be enough to keep their feet dry. If this is the case then you might want to invest in a pair of wellies (check with the school first!), with a change of shoes in a backpack just in case. If your area has mild weather then your kids’ current footwear may be enough, but consider the grip during the winter. Even if the snow has held back, and the heavens haven’t opened, it doesn’t mean that a light frost hasn’t made the ground slippery. Try to grab a pair of shoes with a rubber grip sole, better safe than sorry!

Hopefully, using the information above, you will be able to find the perfect pair of school shoes to keep your kids happy. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety!

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