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How to Buy Men’s Boots

How To Buy Men's Boots

As the seasons change, you might find yourself searching your wardrobe for the ideal footwear to cope with unsettled weather conditions. You’d like something comfortable, warm and sturdy and your usual shoes just won’t cut it. It’s time to add a pair of men’s boots to your collection.

There are so many different types of boots to choose from, so you might find yourself wondering how to buy men’s boots. What should you look for? How do you find the right pair? Our men’s boots buying guide is here to show you the way.

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How Should Men’s Boots Fit?

Men's Size UK Size European Size
Small 6 39.5
7 40.5
Medium 8 42
9 43
Large 10 44.5
11 46
XL 12 47
13 48

Whatever colour or style of men’s boots you choose; you should always pay attention to the fit. That’s easy to say, but how are men’s boots supposed to fit? Our men’s boots fit guide will cover the details, so here’s where to start when buying men’s boots.

  1. Begin with your usual size and try the boots on. Make sure you’re wearing the type of socks you’d like to wear with your boots as these might make a difference to the fit. Trying on in the afternoon is best, as your feet expand later in the day.
  2. Check for the following:
    1. A snug and supportive feel all around your foot.
    2. Comfortable movement of the toes, foot and ankle.
    3. Enough room for one finger behind the heel.
  3. If the comfort factor doesn’t feel right, try a size up or down. If you’re in between sizes, opt for the larger size.
  4. Don’t forget that different footwear brands and boot styles will fit differently. If your usual size doesn’t feel like it should, you might need a different size to get the perfect fit in that particular boot.
Measuring Tape

Men’s Boots: How to Measure

If you’re not sure of your usual shoe size or you just want to check if things have changed, you might want to measure your feet before looking to buy your boots. The process is the same whether you’re buying boots or shoes, so check out our men’s shoe size guide for full instructions on how to measure up.

Men’s boots for narrow feet

If your feet are narrow, try experimenting with sizes to see if you can get a better fit. Generally, the width of a boot increases along with the size to account for the average proportions of our feet. This means a smaller size might just be a little narrower too. As long as your heels and toes still feel comfortable, smaller could be the answer when it comes to men’s boots for narrow feet.

Men’s boots for wide feet

Of course, the opposite also applies. Try on a size up if you’re after men’s boots with a wide width. Chances are it will be slightly wider. A bit of extra room in the length might not be a problem if the width of the boot is better suited to your feet.

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What to Look for When Buying Men’s Boots

Now we’ve covered all the men’s boots fitting information you need to get started, what else should you consider when buying gent’s boots?


To familiarise yourself with the different boot style names, take a look at our men’s boot style guide. Once you know what’s what you can work out which style is right for you. Start by thinking about your usual style of dress, and when you are hoping to wear your boots.

If your boots are for casual wear, then a desert boot or lace up boot could be a good option for you. Choose a colour that works with your wardrobe, but if you’re not sure what works best then opt for black or dark brown to play it safe.

Men's Boots

When choosing formal boots, a classic style like a men's Chelsea boot is a good bet. Keep your boots clean and polished for a smarter look.

Lots of men’s boots transition well between smart and casual, so it is possible to invest in one pair for dressing up and down. Chelsea boots are great for looking sharp whatever the occasion, whilst desert boots add a cool and edgy appeal to most outfits.


Most men’s boots are ideal for the autumn and winter. However, some styles still look great and are easy to wear in the spring and even summer. When you’re buying men’s boots for the spring, summer, autumn or winter, here are some things to consider:

  • Weatherproofing: think about how weatherproof your chosen boots are. Will they offer some protection from water or let it through? Little weatherproofing can work well for the spring and summer but might leave you feeling less than protected in the autumn and winter.
  • Lining: some men’s boots are heavily lined for warmth and comfort and others are not lined at all. Select the appropriate level for the season.
  • Grip: soles with a good grip will keep you feeling sure-footed through frosty or wet weather.


Sometimes you might need to shop for boots to suit a specific occasion. For example, you might need some hiking boots, wellington boots or work boots. These boots are purpose built to give you the best performance in specific conditions, so it’s always best to choose the right boots for your needs.

Men's Boots

If you’re buying men’s hiking boots, you’ll need to look for grip, comfort and weatherproofing to keep your feet comfortable and protected across difficult terrain and long distances. Wellington boots provide excellent weatherproofing and coverage but limited movement and flexibility. Work boots have specifically tailored safety features to protect your feet from hazardous work environments. When you need these specific men’s boots, you’ll know!

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So…which boots should I buy?

We hope our guide to buying men’s boots has made the answer to this question a little clearer. In short, think about your personal style, when you’re going to wear the boots and what you’ll be doing when you wear them. This will help you to focus on the type of boots you need. When you have a style in mind, try on your favourite pairs to find one that fits just right. When you find it, that’s your boots in the bag!

Discover Your Ideal Boots…

Don’t delay, buy your ideal pair of boots today. With a wide range of styles available at fantastic prices you’re sure to find the right fit for you.

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