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Men’s Boots Styles

Men's Boots Styles

Men's boots are the perfect footwear choice for splashing style onto your wet weather outfits. Adaptable for year-round wear, boots can bring together a spring-day interview get-up, or ensure warm feet during the colder months.

Knowing which boot to partner with your look can be tough, especially considering the array of styles available to the fashion-conscious man.

Our guide to men’s boots styles covers all of that and more. Check out our tips for men’s boot styles, how to ensure men’s boots fit correctly, and how to pick the right size for narrow or wide feet.

Boots are the ultimate in good-looking, practical footwear for men, so get ready to put your best foot forward as you step into our style guide.

In this guide:

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Different types of men's boot styles

Men's Boots For Winter

Let’s look at the most popular men’s boots styles to help you pick your perfect pair.

Desert Boots

Men's desert boots are one of the most versatile designs you can get. Similar to chukka boots, they’re robust enough to be perfect for everyday wear. Desert boots have two or three eyelets for easy lacing-up and sit at ankle height.

Dress Boots

One of the defining features of the desert boot is the durable rubber crepe sole. These hardy, yet stylish boots come in a range of colours from sandy brown to black or grey.

Top tip: Desert boots are perfect for both work and casual occasions. Partner with a plain t-shirt and jeans, for a cool casual look. To dress your desert boots up a little, wear a shirt instead of a t-shirt with your jeans.

Desert boots are a must-have for the on-the-go man, as they are durable and can be adapted to both day and evening wear.

Get the lowdown on the desert boot in our blog postThe Ultimate Guide to Desert Boots

Formal Boots

For formal events, you need a men’s boot that will rise to the occasion. This style of boot is your go-to choice for a low-effort yet high-style outfit.

Dress Boots

Men’s formal boots are usually leather, or a similar faux material, and either lace-up or slip-on. They have a similar feel and style to your workplace dress shoes, the difference being that this particular boot style sits around ankle height.

Formal boots offer a sleek upgrade to any outfit, whether that’s pitch-ready business wear or Saturday slacks for a day out with the boys.

Top Tip: Like the desert boot, more formal boots are easy to work into a range of outfits. A smart pair of jeans or chinos are the best choices for legwear, while you should opt for a t-shirt and blazer up top.

For an understated look, a plain toe boot is ideal. If you are looking to make a splash with your shoes, brogues or Oxford boots are an eye-catching option.

Walking Boots

Men's walking boots are supportive, sturdy and have excellent grip. Most styles of walking boot will be well-padded, water-resistant and offer ample support for ankles.

Walking Boots

Walking boots are built with comfort and safety in mind, designed to offer support when tackling tough terrain and robust enough to conquer all kinds of weather when out on the trail.

Top Tip: When styling this kind of men’s boot, consider the fit. A walking boot should be snug, but not painfully so. You’ll need to ensure the boot has a tight fit to make the most of the support on offer.

Check out our blog post that covers everything you need to know about walking boots:
What are the best backpacking shoes?

Work Boots

Work boots, also known as safety boots, are a hardwearing and protective choice of footwear. Though not the first style that jumps to mind for the fashion-conscious man, you can still ensure these workplace-ready boots look good with a little extra effort.

There are a range of men’s workplace boots offering different levels of protection and what you opt for will depend on the stresses and dangers of your workplace environment. You might more commonly encounter this men’s boot style in construction or on the factory floor.

Men's Work Boots

A steel toe cap, large and sturdy soles, a chunky design and hardwearing, thick laces are common features of work boots.

Top Tip: To make sure these men’s boots fit correctly, wear your regular socks when trying them on.

Your heel shouldn’t slip or move, your toes should have an about inch of room and your feet shouldn’t slide around in the boot.

If you need hard wearing and comfortable work boots, check out our guide:Best Work Shoes to Wear if You’re Standing and Walking All Day

Lace-up Boots

Lace-up Boots have a stylish lace-up fastening in their design. Men’s lace-up boots are usually more casual than dress boots and are perfect for everyday wear.

Lace-up boots provide just the right amount of support, movement and comfort for long shopping trips or a night on the town.

Men's Chelsea Boots

Top Tip: Go black or brown with a suede material to add a little style to any neutrally-coloured outfit.

Since lace-up boots have a slimmer ankle, they work well with slim-fit jeans and chinos. Dress them up with a tailored shirt, or dress them down with a t-shirt and cardigan.

Slip-On Boots

Men's pull-on boots are perfect for the man on-the-go. They’re an easy fit and look super-stylish too. Chelsea Boots are one of the most popular examples of a slip-on boot.

Men's Pull On Boots

This convenient design doesn’t have any fastenings and is the ultimate in simple fashion.

Top Tip: Patent, polished or suede all make an impact. Pair your pull-on boots with jeans or chinos for a relaxed look.

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How should men's boots fit?

Men's Casual Boots

Getting the right fit is important. After all, you don’t want blisters or aching ankles to cramp your new style.

If you aren’t sure how a men’s boot should fit, here is a simple guide that can help.

How to get the perfect fitting men’s boots:

  1. Try your new boots on in the afternoon, as your feet expand later in the day.
  2. When trying on your boots, wear a regular pair of socks. If you’re trying on a pair of hiking, or work boots, go for a thicker pair or even two pairs of socks to ensure a tighter fit.
  3. Always leave enough space for one finger between your heel and back of the boot. Your foot should not slip around, nor should the boot slip off, as you walk.
  4. If you are in between sizes, opt for the size up.
  5. Not all brands have the same sizing - different boots and styles will fit slightly differently.

Fitting men’s boots for wider feet

Are you feeling the pinch after a day of wearing your shoes? Try sizing up. The larger the boot, the wider they are.

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What to look for in men’s winter boots

Men’s boots can take you through most seasons. During winter, you may need to pay special attention to the boot’s support and sole.

For winter boots, consider the following:

  • Lining - buying lined boots will keep your feet warm in cold winds and adverse weather.
  • Grip - winter brings snow, ice and a lot of rain, causing the ground to be more slippery than usual. Choose boots that have a good grip.
  • Weatherproofing - choose a shoe that offers some weather protection to help keep your feet dry and warm.
  • Coverage - get boots with ankle coverage - this will give you extra protection from the elements.
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What to look for when buying men's boots

Now you know some of these styles and how to fit your boots perfectly, it’s time for some more fashion-ready tips.


Men’s boots are easy to style, even for those who aren’t followers of fashion. Think about your typical look and the type of support you need.

Lighter material men’s boots, like the desert boot, are perfect for spring and summer when the weather is dryer.

Dress boots will take you from the office to events and special occasions with ease. Your new dress boots can stay looking brand new when you polish them regularly using our biodegradable show wipes and shoe polish.


For work boots, our selection has everything you need. From pull-on work boots to lace-up boots and wellingtons. When buying men’s boots, always consider what they will be used for and when.

For more tips, tricks and helpful advice on all things shoes, check out our shoezone guide hub.