Men’s Boots Styles

Men's Boots Styles

Men’s boots are ideal for seeing you through the Autumn/Winter period. But which ones should you choose? The array of men’s boot styles can be overwhelming, and it’s tricky to know what to wear when. That’s why we’ve put together this men’s boots guide.

We’ll walk you through the most popular types of men’s boots to make sure you know what’s what. Get to know your Chelseas from your lace-ups, and your desert boots from your dress boots. We’ll have you ‘suited and booted’ in no time at all!

Men's Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

Men’s Chelsea boots are a classic boot style that you can wear with confidence. You’ll recognise these ankle-high boots due to their elastic side panel, which makes them really easy to pull on as you’re dashing out of the door. Chelsea boots come in a variety of colours, so you can choose from black, brown or tan to suit your look. You can also select from the smart, sleek look of leather or more casual suede.

Desert Boots

Desert Boots

These versatile boots are a popular choice for autumn wear. They’re actually a more casual type of chukka boot that was originally designed for soldiers and adapted for everyday wear. They are ankle-high and are laced with two or three eyelets. You’ll also be able to identify them by their rubber crepe sole. Traditionally you’d expect these boots to be sandy in colour, but today black, tan, grey and even coloured desert boots are available.

Dress Boots

Dress Boots

If you’re wearing formal attire but want to opt for a pair of boots, dress boots could be your answer. These tend to be leather or leather-look and could be laced or slip on. Many different styles of boot can be considered a dress boot. Look for sleek, smart and shiny if you want to dress to impress. If you’re wearing a tie, however, stick to dress shoes instead.

Men's Work Boots

Work Boots

‘Work boots’ is another name for safety boots. These are specific safety equipment that may be requested by your workplace to keep you protected in hazardous environments. There are a variety of different types and styles of work boots which are suitable for different work environments. However, some of the features they often have in common are steel toe caps, chunky, protective soles and laces to make sure they fit just right.

Men's Lace Up Boots

Lace Up Boots

As simple as it sounds, lace up boots have a laced fastening. They tend to be more casual than boots with other fastenings and are ideal for off-duty wear. Boots with laces are perfect for getting a good fit and you’ll find these just right when you need support and comfort.

Men's Pull On Boots

Slip-on/Pull-on Boots

The ultimate in convenience, slip-on boots don’t have any fiddly fastenings. You can have them by the door, ready to pull on in an instant. It’s that simple! Chelsea boots are a good example of slip on boots, as are wellies.

Walking Boots

Walking Boots

Walking boots are typically sturdy, supportive and have good grip. Most are also laced, padded and weatherproof for the ultimate protection for long hikes. Fashion boots just aren’t built for all weather and uneven terrain, so you’ll need something that’s built for the job.

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The Best Men’s Boots for Winter

Men's Boots For Winter

When the weather gets really chilly you might be wondering which boots to reach for before you head outside. So, what are the best men’s boots for winter?

On chilly days, most gents’ boots will be suitable. They offer more protection than a shoe, so you’ll feel warmer and more supported in a boot. If you’re looking for the warmest men’s boots to keep your feet toasty, opt for lined boots as they will provide extra insulation for your feet. If wet weather strikes, the best men’s waterproof boots are simple men’s wellies. If the occasion calls for a little more style, try a pair of weatherproof lace-ups. And while snowy days may be few in the UK – and as such we’re often not prepared for the weather – step out in a pair of hiking boots or snow boots and you’ll be able to tackle anything.

Wellies For Winter

The best men’s winter boots share these qualities whatever their style. Look for boots that have:

  • Lining
  • Weatherproofing
  • Rubber soles
  • Good grip
  • Ankle coverage
  • A good fit

If you cover the above you’ll be set for the cold, wet, snow and frost!

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The Best Casual Men’s Boots

Men's Casual Boots

When you’re chilling at the weekend or heading for a few drinks at the pub, a pair of men’s casual boots will keep you looking effortlessly sharp. Our favourite gent’s casual boot styles are desert and lace up boots, or you could dress down your Chelsea boots for a relaxed approach. These styles all work well with jeans or chinos, so don’t shy away from selecting boots for casual wear.

Now you understand the most popular men’s boots style names, you’ll be able to find the ideal pair of boots to see you through the cooler seasons. With so many types of men’s boot available you’re sure to find something to suit you. Now all you need to do is check your size and decide what to wear with your new boots!

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