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What Men’s Shoes to Wear to Work – How to Nail Business Casual

Men's Shoes With Suit

In the workplace, shoes matter. They’re a key part of business attire and the rules can be quite strict, particularly for gents. Choosing the right business casual men’s shoes can be a minefield and getting it wrong can even leave a black mark against your name. Whether you want to pick the right men’s shoes for the office or some work footwear to keep you comfortable we’ve got you covered. Let us help you with our guide on which men’s shoes to wear to work.

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Types of Men’s Work Shoes

There are a wide variety of men’s shoes for work, and the footwear you choose will depend on your profession. Office footwear for men should be smart and formal, but many men work in professions that call for specific safety shoes or footwear that’s comfortable for being on your feet all day. Here are our top men’s work shoe styles:

Oxfords: The classic when it comes to men’s footwear for the office, you can’t go wrong with an Oxford. It’s the ultimate dress shoe and you’re unlikely to be pulled up on your footwear if you opt for an Oxford.

Oxford Shoes

Derbies: One of the top business casual shoes for men is the Derby. It’s still a formal style but is slightly more relaxed (and some say more comfortable) than the Oxford. This is down to the open lacing which allows the foot to flex more easily.

Derby Shoes

Brogues: If you’re looking for stylish men’s work shoes, brogues could be the answer. Their ornate detailing adds that extra something to help you stand out for the right reasons, whilst remaining office appropriate.

Men's Shoes Brogues

Loafers: Another men’s business casual shoe style is the loafer. Some workplaces might find men’s loafers too casual so choose with caution, but if the dress code at your workplace is quite relaxed they work well.

Men's Work Loafer

Sandals: If the dress code at your workplace is smart, it’s best to avoid sandals. However, in a relaxed, creative environment you might just get away with men’s sandals for the office if the weather is warm. Here’s how to wear men’s sandals for work: choose a smart leather mule and pair with your suit to keep the look smart.

Men's Office Sandals

Trainers: In a formal setting, men’s trainers are a no-no. However, they make great men’s retail work shoes for those on their feet all day. Opt for plain dark colours for a smarter feel.

Men's Work Trainers

Work Boots: In certain professions you might be required to wear work boots or safety footwear. Your employer will make you aware of this and will have specific requirements on your footwear.

Work Boots

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What Are the Best Men’s Shoes to Wear to Work?

The best men’s shoes for office wear are still the classic styles. Most workplaces will be happy to see you wearing Oxfords, Derbies or brogues. If in doubt, opt for the Oxford to make sure you don’t ruffle any feathers. If you’re starting a new job and trying to decide which men’s work shoes are appropriate, look at the overall style of dress. If it’s casual you might want to opt for loafers or brogues but if a suit and tie is the norm we’d recommend an Oxford.

If you have a smart dress code, you probably can’t choose any different summer men’s work shoes. Sandals simply won’t look smart enough. In a more relaxed environment however, you could select some loafers to see you through the summer months. The best men’s work shoes for winter are also the classic styles mentioned above. However, in really cold weather you might prefer to choose a pair of smart men’s Chelsea boots as your winter work shoes.

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Men’s Work Shoes – Staying Comfortable Throughout the Day

When you’ve got a long day at work ahead of you, choosing comfy men’s work shoes can make all the difference. So, what are the most comfortable men’s work shoes?

Brands like Easy Flex and Relife design for comfort, so you’re likely to find some comfortable work shoes for men within their ranges.

Comfortable Work Shoes

If you’re standing or walking all day then your workplace might allow some smart men’s trainers as part of the dress code.

Comfortable Men’s Work Shoes for Common Foot Problems

Comfort is even more important when you suffer from an everyday foot complaint. Wearing the wrong footwear day in, day out can exacerbate these issues and leave you with more discomfort. Here’s how to choose something comfortable.

The best men’s work shoes for flat feet: if you suffer from fallen arches, the main thing to consider is how well your work shoes will cushion your feet. If your workplace allows, running or walking shoes might offer you the best comfort for a long day at work.

The best men’s work shoes for plantar fasciitis: this is another common foot concern that can cause pain. The best shoes for plantar fasciitis will offer good arch support. This will help to correct the position of your feet and keep it stable throughout the day. Again, footwear designed for running or walking could be a good option. If you are required to wear smart dress to work with shoes to match, you could opt for a supportive insole to make them more comfortable.

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What Shoes Should Men Not Wear to Work?

When it comes to what not to wear, again it depends entirely on your profession. There are very few places that deem flip flops suitable for work, so you can probably add those to your list of no-nos!

If you work in an office, sandals and trainers are likely to be off limits. Consider colour too, brown shoes are suitable for some office environments, but classic black is still better received for smart dress.

In professions that keep you on your feet the dress code will be quite different. The worst thing to choose is uncomfortable footwear. By the end of a long day you’ll be struggling if your shoes cause any discomfort, so put comfort first.

Where safety footwear is required, you should never wear ordinary shoes to work. Your safety could be at risk, so always choose the work shoes required for your role.

Essentially, the best shoes to wear to work will be down to your profession, work environment and your own personal style. If you stick to the dress code in your workplace you can’t go far wrong. Nail business casual by opting for stylish comfort and staying true to yourself.

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