Be the coolest kid in school!

In our range of boys' and girls' school shoes at Shoe Zone, we have over 40 trendy, elegant and stylish pairs for you and your little one to browse through whether it is from the comfort of your own home or whether you choose to come in store to try them on for size, which we of course recommend just so that you get the correct fit for those precious growing feet.

Children's feet are important because they are always growing; so of course, this means that you have to replace their footwear regularly. If you come to Shoe Zone, you will discover that you can replace your child's school shoes regularly without having to spend a fortune.

We know that most little girls love anything flowery, pink, sparkly and pretty which is why we have got ranges such as Walkright in stock. Walkright girls' shoes come with a velcro fastening so that your little princess won't have to struggle whilst getting her shoes off and putting them on in a hurry when changing for P.E or when they are leaving home in the mornings. All you need to do is ask her which pair she loves: we think she will be spoilt for choice!

For the slightly older girl, we have many ballet style shoes that she will be able to slip-on and slide-off and let's face it, who wants to be spending valuable time messing with shoe laces when they could be playing with their friends. All of the slip-on shoes are on-trend and stylish and one particular pair that we think she will love are the "Lilley girls black brogue shoe with "tassel" detailing". They start at a size 10 and go up to a size 2.

For girls in their teens, we even have a range of shoes with a slight wedge heel, making them feel grown up and on top of the world. All of the shoes are finished with elegant detailing and trim.

Of course, we have not forgotten about the boys in all of our school shoe chatter. We have for the younger boys: everything from plain, chunky slip-ons to hard-wearing washable leather velcro shoes and trainer style school shoes which can be easily done up and taken off with the tug of a velcro bar.

For the more mature boy, we have many makes and styles of slip-on shoes - which we think older boys prefer - including: US Brass and Westwind. The shoes are smart, so as well as wearing them for school, they could also be worn for an occasion such as a wedding or school prom. These shoes start at a size 12 and go up to a size 6. Of course, sizes vary depending on the specific style and make of shoe.

In our school shoes section for both boys and girls, you will find that we also have plimsolls. These are incredibly cheap; starting at as little as £2.49 for simple velcro ones or for lace-up plimsolls, the prices start at £4.99!

All of our school shoes are cheap, yet still excellently made and presented. They will last as long as your little one's growing feet allow.