Women’s nude patent wedge review


I don’t think I’ve ever put on a pair of new shoes for the first time and not felt any niggles or discomfort until they’d worn in a little, but these were another story – and heels too! Not a large heel, but enough to make me feel like I was dressing up, and more than I’d normally wear these days, being eight months’ pregnant. Continue reading Women’s nude patent wedge review

Women’s black brogue shoes review

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Kizzy has returned to school and is going into year 6 of Juniors. My little girl is really growing up fast.  Many of the school shoes we looked at on the market seem to be made with younger girls in mind. As Kizzy has strong ideas about fashion and design, she doesn’t want to wear anything that she considers babyish.  As she is now a size 3, she can choose from women’s ranges giving her more style options. Continue reading Women’s black brogue shoes review