Our fundraising journey so far…

I was asked to write a piece about Shoe Zone’s fundraising for BBC Children in Need 2014, because apparently I was the most excited about in our office. I have to agree, I was/am very excited and proud of our achievements and it’s difficult not to smile when Pudsey mania is everywhere. That big yellow bear gives people inspiration to go crazy and wild in the name of charity. There is dressing up, face painting, challenges, as well as a million other ways to raise money to help many disadvantaged children throughout the UK. Continue reading Our fundraising journey so far…

Christmas Promotion Photo Shoot

As we stepped into the studio, arms laden with Christmas decorations, slippers and boots, the first request naturally had to be ‘can we have Christmas music on?’ If we were going to shoot Christmas publicity in August, we needed to set the mood!

With ‘Fairytale of New York’ playing in the background, we started our mission of set building, fabric draping, prop placing and most importantly shoe positioning. Things were taking shape nicely, but we were far from a finished shot at this point. We couldn’t put it off any longer as we pulled out the dreaded prop – a gingerbread garland! ‘Dreaded’ I hear you cry, how can a gingerbread garland be so bad? Well, suspending a fragile string of fabric men and love hearts between two metal poles and taping it into position with very attractive gaffer tape is the easy bit. Getting it into focus and in the shot successfully was quite another.

Shooting Christmas in August

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