Suited and booted for less this Autumn

Are you a savvy fashionista who wants to get your hands on this Autumn’s hottest looks and still have some spare cash for a few extra goodies?  If so, Shoe Zone is the place for you!

 With a selection of Autumn’s top fashion finds at amazing value prices, the cash you save by shopping at Shoe Zone can allow you to purchase the following sweet treats too, making Autumn fashion a breeze.

Got £20 in your pocket?

Patent Brogue 

Relax in the rich hues and cosy textures of Autumn with these cute patent brogues. The leftover £5 could treat you to a sweet cranberry necklace to match. Continue reading

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Insider Tip…What Shoes do I buy at this time of year?

How is it August already?! Where did this year go? These are the questions we find ourselves asking every year as the Summer starts to draw to a close much faster than we would like; and trying to decide what shoes to buy at this time of year can be tricky… If you’re like me you‘ll probably want to be able to wear them straight away but the ‘sensible’ voice in your head will be telling you that you probably should get something that will see you through the rest of Summer and into the Autumn/Winter season. There’s nothing worse than buying something, then having to put it away again till next year and equally you don’t want to wait ages until you can show it off!…so…. Continue reading

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Three little words…

Back to School

For many parents no three little words ever sounded sweeter than ‘back to school’ with six weeks of arguing siblings, never-ending snack times and low boredom thresholds, the start of the Autumn term can be a welcome sight.

School holidays can also be an expensive time of year, even without a family holiday (which can set you back ££££’s), days out, play schemes, toys, ice-creams and other treats can see parents looking forward to the low-cost days of school!

To help your budget stretch as far as possible, check out the back to school range from Shoe Zone. Including school essentials such as PE pumps, smart school shoes and bags, the collection has been put together with kids and your purse in mind! Continue reading

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Shades of Grey – get my outfit for less than £20!

Womens Slip On PumpsWhen I saw these holographic slip on pumps from Shoe Zone, I had to get a pair straight away! These shiny, eye-catching pumps are ‘look-at-me’ shoes for sure! And they are more versatile than you think! Great with jeans for the day, they are extremely comfortable for a busy Saturday filled with shopping and socialising! Or why not clash them with some printed leggings or dresses to really stand out? Continue reading

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Fool proof ways to Summer success!

While the kids may be bouncing off the walls with excitement, the school Summer holidays can be a long six weeks for parents! With many mums and dads still at work, organising childcare and making time to treat the kids to some family fun can be hard work.

We have come up with a few essential tips to help you make the most of your Summer holidays (and hopefully keep you sane!)…

Plan, plan and plan some more!

Visit to the park

While having nothing to do for six weeks may seem like your idea of bliss, for kids it is an endless stretch of boredom and we all know that bored kids make for trouble! Plan an activity for each day, whether it is something big such as a day out or something small like a trip to the local park. Write on the calendar or get them to produce a holiday chart so they know what is happening. Aim to get up and get out, letting the kids lounge in front of the TV all morning will leave them feeling lethargic and you feeling irritated. Continue reading

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